Kindle Fire HD Test

Easy to use, very good display and an integrated shopping center: The Kindle fire HD from is a special tablet.

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It’s a word: for its Kindle fire HD will have only $199. The aggressive pricing strategy aims but not to sell in the short term as many tablets. Rather, the online retailer wants long-term bind customers and about the offered content regularly profit – as the Apple for years with the “Everything from one hand” tactics successfully makes out. Continue reading

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Rossini Transrotor 25/60 in the Test

The Rossini is the dream of many HiFi fans from an affordable Transrotor turntable within striking distance of 25/60. In the test, the player shows what he can.

Words such as “impressive” or “noble” seem to be invented specifically for Transrotor. Bergisch use Gladbach only massive, quality materials for their drives. So now for the Rossini. On top of that, the many Stainless steel elements such as the massive Aluminum plate, the motor box (also made of aluminium) or chromium-plated arm will benefit from an impeccable processing. One detail that brings fresh wind into the design, is the matte white base plate made of 25 mm thick acrylic, which rests on three freely positionable, elegant feet. Continue reading

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Linn Sondek LP12 Majik/Akito in the Test

Linn provides the LP12 turntable with different Tonearms. We have the basic version Majik of opposite the more expensive version of Akito provided.

The LP12 celebrates its 40th birthday next year, is being developed by his Scottish builders but always still busy – and has ratcheted up over the decades in almost astronomical price regions. The Majik entry package with 3,200 euros is almost overlooking the five-digit top versions – especially since here a complete turntable is meant, including arm, cartridge, power supply and construction by the dealer. Continue reading

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Radio Little Super Deck in the Test

The little Super deck by radio is firm to have from 1,200 euros. What can you expect from the turntable?

The British wireless company may be not the largest Turntable manufacturers, but definitely to the most original. Developer Arthur Khoubesserian cares little about his designs, whether or not the resulting player corresponds to the old dogmas of technology. If he however – sometimes blatantly – differs from traditional construction patterns, he knows always good to justify that. Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface in the Practice Test

The Microsoft surface proves to be in the test as a competitive tablet, that the mini laptop make easy per accessories.

Microsoft surface: First impression

Microsoft has not only from the ground up renewed the operating systems for PC and Smartphone, Windows, Windows phone, in version 8 , put on since then even on the same Operating system core. Continue reading

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Destroy Leggings

Yes, Ma’am. You knew the leggings, you’ve also done the basis of your diet look: you work with, you eat with, dance with, sleep with… But now that the thermometer is flirting with the 20 °, things might get complicated.

Continue reading

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Linen Mountain U: C: A in the Test

Compact, high-quality D/A converter for desktop audio on the computer are the absolute hit. One that particularly well can it comes from Germany: the u: c: a linen mountain audio.

Linen mountain audio? There was something…”, experienced HiFi fans will remember. Right: the sword at the Ruhr-based company developed in 1993 the legendary Power-DAC, the world’s first combination of D/A converters and power amplifier. A similar concept, followed however with prepress output, the pre IIC presented in the year 2000. Continue reading

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Vodafone Smart Tab 2 7 Practice Test

The Vodafone smart tab 2 with 7 inch screen proves in the test but not real competition for Amazon, Apple and Google, but certainly as a cheap alternative.

Vodafone smart tab 2 7: first impression

Cut-size tablets are just with 7-inch screens, to establish themselves in the market. Da wants to join also Vodafone offers with its smart tab 2 7 a clever flat calculator to get from 1 euro in combination with a mobile phone contract. Continue reading

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Lexicon DD 8 in the Test

Lexicon offers a patented eight channel power amplifier with the technique of the mighty Mark Levinson no small DD 8 for 2,800 euros. 53 – in total around one kilowatt power. A masterpiece.

Lexicon is best known for his studio effect processors and surround preamplifier. For several years, the lexicon’s consumer Department but no longer linked as a result of restructuring in the Harman Group the Studio Division, but is part of the Harman luxury audio group, together with Mark Levinson, Revel, and JBL Synthesis. Continue reading

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B & W A5 A7 in the Test

With the AirPlay systems A5 and A7, B & W sends a team of specialists on an important mission. The mission: The musical conquest of the living quarters – of course wireless.

It has still the Zeppelin air by Bowers & Wilkins: dock, iPhone, iPod and iPad can sit up to refuel energy and passing on of digital music. The dock is however not so attractive since the change of the 30-pin port for the tiny Lightning-universal connector to the Apple devices. Although it works as before with an adapter, but the rickety piece of white plastic in the middle of the stylish design is little satisfactory. Continue reading

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Onkyo T-4070 in the Test

The Onkyo T-4070 is a network player with airplay support and Spotify interface. The test shows whether he meets the expectations.

In terms of sources of the noble Onkyo T-4070 is extremely versatile: Except with the usual networking player he waits with two receiving parts for DAB and FM.

Also he is committed to the possibilities offered by his Internet connection: so he offers not only vTuner service comfortable for Web radio stations, but also allows direct access to the Streaming platforms last FM, Napster and AUPEO! -even the Spotify software is integrated. Continue reading

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Denon DNP F109 in the Test

In the test, the Compact network player has Denon DNP-F109 prove what he can do for 400 euros.

Actually, Denon has developed the DNP F109 as a supplement for the F109 mini HiFi system. But thanks to its compact dimensions, the quite affordable with 400 euro network player also among the owners of full size equipment will quickly find friends. Continue reading

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Rotel RT-12 in Test

For 750 euro Rotel offers a top processed network player with the RT-12 – but he can convince even? We do the test.

The “T” in the name already points out: Rotel RT-12 first and foremost as a universal receiver module has been designed for his current series of 12. So he also offers three ways to go on searching: about about the classic, RDS-enabled FM tuner. Continue reading

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Pioneer N-50 in the Test

Pioneer offers the noble network player N-50 for 600 euros. Our test shows what he can achieve.

Very classy is the pioneer N-50. This is for one on his finely processed housing, which brings a handsome weight of more than seven kilos on the scales due to its sub-chassis construction with a second sheet steel base plate. Also powerful impression makes also his six centimeters wide Color display which razor sharp display more than compensates for its relatively small font size by one.

With few controls on its front panel the pioneer is also optically tidy. However, this reduction has the small disadvantage that the control N-50 complete only via the supplied remote control, but alternatively equivalent apps for Android and iOS can be. Continue reading

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Yamaha CD-N500 in the Test

The Yamaha CD-N500 combines network and CD player. Can the result convince sound? We do the test.

Nomen est omen: the Yamaha CD-N500 costs 500 euros and looks like a CD player. He is also – but not just because he combines a CD drive with a network player including Web radio capabilities.

An brilliant idea, so such an amplifier like the successful Yamaha can be with him to a complete HiFi system to expand A S700. The Yamaha brings even a front-mounted USB port for fast docking of portable Apple devices – with digital transmission -. Continue reading

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The Danish loudspeaker industry (DALI) has evolved from the stamp of a retail chain to one of Europe’s most ambitious boxes manufacturers. Base is a bustling Development Department developed now even completely new magnetic materials. An acoustical fluke, as demonstrated in the test of the DALI EPICON 2

On the last high end asked Lars Worre, Managing Director and technological mastermind at the Danish Loudspeaker specialists DALI, to a very exclusive press conference – and held a one-hour lecture on the topic “Constrainers classic magnetic drives” without further ADO. Continue reading

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M2Tech Joplin in the Test

About the brand new M2Tech Joplin, old analog treasures land with up to 384 kHz sampling rate on the hard disk. An absolute overkill – or actually bring something?

You may assume that Janis Joplin is the name sponsor of the brand new tray from the House of M2Tech. Because the gifted musician was called by her closest friends “Pearl”, it is obvious also that the Thoroughbred A/chosen to refer to Joplin in his aluminum dress as silver Pearl. Continue reading

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Sennheiser Momentum in the Test

Uncompromising workmanship, uncompromising sound: The momentum of Sennheiser convinces in test as a noble real headphones.

Sennheiser momentum: First impression

I’m glad to see that again there products, milled look from A to Z like from the full. Includes the new Sennheiser momentum. A start here unpack: the headphones for iPhone, iPod and iPad comes in a powerful dropdown menu, which brings an embedded in foam, bronzitfarbene Carrycot first revealed. Continue reading

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Atoll ST 200 in the Test

If it sounds tasty, exciting and sparkling live, atoll is usually not far away. With the ST 200, which is also a perfect precursor, the French manufacturer roars now under full steam ahead in the age of streaming.

Even francophile HiFi fans must make an effort first of all Google maps, to find Brecey, the hometown of atoll. And somewhat makes sense then, after the village of 2000 souls on the screen will appear, many times a minus button Zoom out until the situation on the basis of reasonably familiar neighbouring cities: Caen and Rennes, about 100 km away. The rural origin seems to do quite well the sound of the atoll devices : all tested amplifiers, DACs, and player of the Norman manufacturer presented the music weighty, clear, stable, gladly also times a bit edgy – a vital, clean sound, distinctive and yet consensus: audio no one has not so far liked him either. Continue reading

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