Beach Bags

Summer is over the shops are already exposing autumn-winter collections, but and this heat? Out and about yet! One of the advantages of living in a tropical country, with this heat is no need to wait for the summer to be able to go to the beach and do it at different times of the year. So, with this heat women are crazy to go to the beach to cool off and display their looks with bikini / bathing suits with the latest summer trend, but we can not forget them … The beach bags!

If the hustle and bustle of day to day bag is an essential accessory for the feminine wardrobe to carry all the things that women need in their daily lives, on the beach, the attachment could not be different.

Since beach bag’s main function is to ensure comfort and well-being in time to enjoy the sea / pool, and also beautiful when parading her around. Funny how old they were not as concerned, barely saw the talking or parading around with beach bags in the hottest season of the year, only knew the bags made ​​of straw and always with the same models and made ​​only of straw, without nothing different and that only served to load the basic kit of summer.

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Handbags and Desired Moment!

You have something that makes us girls pulling her hair is talking about the “it bags” of fashion. It’s like an addiction girls??? I confess I’m crazy for them, buy one, passes a season and already want to another. We can put a basic and simple clothes, but when you give them an accessory, is something else! I like to invest in stock markets, because bag you replay a million times and uses his whole life, a clothes you can’t repeat often because the chicks put our repair, without mercy and no mercy! This is the feminine universe even, sorry sincerity.

As always, keep an eye on the news and I know that you love too, today it comes to talk of a trend which are small and medium sizes. This season the cheap handbags left behind, so the smaller sizes give all the charm and elegance in time to get dressed. The selection of pictures I made are international brands, so pretty soon all the national brands will be producing these models and styles everyone will find an outfit within your budget, simply choose the design and the color one you like!

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Luxury Guess Handbags Collection

The Hunch of Luxury is on pace for party, celebrating 2 years anniversary, and we are preparing another mega surprise for our readers! Attention girls … take a deep breath, prepare your hearts, release the consumerist spirit and come with us …. hahahahahahaha … we are sure that you will love!

As you know (and not get tired of talking!) we don’t sossegamos the torch for a minute, we’re always looking for news, new projects, challenges, seeking to grow as people and professionally. It is therefore with great pleasure and pride that we are here today too, at first hand, to present to you the newest fruit of our work: the collection of handbags luxury guess!!! Ai that emotion … we are very happy with the realization of this dream!!!

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The Famous Fashionistas Hairstyle 2016

For a long time we saw the famous fashionistas and use in events, red carpet the wavier hair and messy isn’t it? But how much change in fashion in the world of beauty is no different and even the hair style seems to be changing between them. In fact this type of hairstyle I’ve noticed a good time but it seems that only now is showing up in weight among the fashionistas. The famous hairstyle is known as “hair licked” or “wet” effect, I don’t know if there’s a technical name for it but it’s like he looks, you know when you get out of the bath, comb your hair back and passes a spray for him to be stopped? Is exactly that. Very practical! Famous like Kim Kardashian has already used this hair style for a long time, but now his sister Kendall Jenner and other famous as Gigi Hadid also joined.

How to use? The way you want, you can be with all your hair back, can be divided in half or even half of one hand you know? Can use loose, arrested and even with braid, there goes your imagination and creativity. I joined several inspirations for you.

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Bizarre Trends: The leggings Men!

From overseas is coming the most bizarre among the trends of recent years. Yes, men may wear leggings! Have your say on this controversial new fashion!
You thought the pants-tights of a man it was a question now archived, a tragic chapter in the Renaissance fashion? You thought it was just an extravagance stage of star caliber David Bowie and Steven Tyler? Well think again! It ‘s coming from the USA a male tendency which, we are certain, we will precipitate the sex appeal thermometer in free fall below freezing. Hear lawfaqs: born meggings or leggings like a man!

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Hatha Yoga

When it comes to yoga in a generic sense, usually becoming reference to an appearance quite specific yogic tradition: the physical yoga. Within the broad spectrum of elements that make up this philosophical and scientific system, the practice of postures, (also called asanas, which is its name in Sanskrit) sequences, breath, cleanings and mudras, has a particular name: hatha yoga.

The origin of the word hatha is a good starting point to elucidate what is really this style of yoga, which is much more profound, spiritual and powerful it can be to believe. Actually, its scopes and raison d ‘ être overflow of a simple system of exercises. It is said that hatha could be translated as force or will. This, in a sense both in relation to the body as applied to life. Hatha yoga strengthens the body and the will because it is a discipline that requires commitment, but also strengthens the capacity of equanimity and to listen to the wisdom of the universal consciousness.

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RC Tanks

Among the vehicles radio control could not miss, of course, the RC tanks. Due to its versatility, the larger models can move on a different surface (land or water) and up to shoot projectiles, which, added to the

Like all radio control vehicles, tanks also come in mini versions, scale 1 at 30 or more small, manufactured in plastic. These models operate on a single rechargeable battery. But, anyhow, have a wide range of movements: they can go forward and backward, turn, and the turret moves independently.

The slightly larger models (starting from scale 1:24, for example see they have several speeds, both forward and reverse, chains can be controlled independently, and can climb slopes of 35 degrees or more. The number of radio channels that use depends on the functions of the tank. These larger tanks use two NI-CD batteries.

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What is Tablet?

Tablet is a term in the English language that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The concept can be translated as tablet, although the meanings of this notion mentioned by the RAE do not match the actual meaning.

A tablet, in short, is a computer (computer) laptop bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a netbook. It is characterized by having touch screen: this means no tablet to use the mouse (mouse) or keyboard needed.

There are several formats tablet. The most popular are between 8 and 12 inches and have a virtual keyboard , but you can add a physical keyboard via a connection USB or Bluetooth.

There are also tablets that have a rotating physical keyboard or hidden behind the screen. Other similar devices, such as booklets and phablets, also have different provisions of keyboards.

The popularity of the tablet multiplied in 2010 , when Apple launched the iPad. Today a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, HP and Sony, have presented their own tablets.

Often it considered the tablet as a device to surf the Internet, access and play multimedia content. Instead, these teams usually not used for business purposes.

With a tablet, you can listen to music, watch movies, take pictures, make video calls and reading e – books, to name just a few possibilities. As points against, mention the discomfort to use the virtual keyboard and lack of ergonomics.


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February has arrived again this year and now there are only a few days to choose the gift for Valentine’s day.

We say this every year, on 14 February is a commercial holiday, but there is nothing to do: even if you try to pretend nothing showcases have already filled with cutside and hearts and all the good intentions not to grind race at present go to hell.

Last year I focused on jewelry for her as a gift for Valentine’s day that, just between us, remain effective hints like the 10 gift ideas I gave you for Christmas if you don’t have them already followed.

This time, however, I don’t want to hurt anyone, and so here’s 10 Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her divided by price. Continue reading

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Plus Size Model Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday, the plus size model that conquered the fashion world

Hi girls, how’s it going?

You know Tess Holiday? I confess I didn’t know until recently. In my research on plus size clothes, I came across a picture of the North American model of 30 years, full of curves, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and tattoos. She posed wearing underwear and caught my attention. In his speech, that look, overflowed with attitude. Tess Holliday is a plus size model of attitude.

Tess has been subject of several renowned publications around the world: People, Times Magazine, Daily Mail, CNN and Marie Claire, among others. Recently, she signed a contract with one of the largest modeling agencies in the United Kingdom, the Milk Management. More than a body that is in tune with the established standard of beauty, the plus size model and exposes his ideas. With this, Tess reaps followers (more than 600 1000 on Instagram and more than 800 1000 on Facebook) and attacks of all kinds. But this is not the intimidating.

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