Moto X 2015 Shows His Rear with a Strange Hollow… for The Sensor of Fingerprint Fingerprint?

The new Moto X 2015 It must be very close, but it would be difficult to explain the number of leaks that we have this browsing around Motorola in recent weeks, with confirmation by Lenovo CEO.

Today we have seen how two images that supposedly correspond to the rear of the device on the inside, were published by the network showing details as it will be again a construction with non-removable rear and a strange hollow under the camera. Continue reading

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Samsung Is The First Manufacturer to Start Tests with The 820 Snapdragon Chipset from Qualcomm

Already happened last year when we saw a Galaxy Note 4 with Snapdragon 810, and it is that Samsung always starts very soon with new chipsets testing high end of its usual suppliers.

During the last year Koreans rejected the use of the mentioned Snapdragon 810 for their problems with the temperature, and perhaps this has led Samsung to an unrecognized problem of supplying its chipsets Exynos 7, which, for the first time in several years, became the only option to animate high-end Samsung devices. Continue reading

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Lenovo Vibe P1, 5,000 MAh Battery and Fingerprint Sensor

As we already told you yesterday, Lenovo will stop selling phones under its own brand, giving priority to the Motorola name. The measure is already underway, so any Lenovo smartphone that is presented could be the last of the history.

The Vibe P1 may not have that honor, but undoubtedly will be among the last. The Chinese company will present it during the next IFA in Berlin, but before that happens and thanks to classic leaks, we just know in detail some of their technical specifications, notably an impressive 5000 mAh battery and digital fingerprint sensor. Continue reading

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HTC Aero, Leaked Images Show Their Reasonable Resemblance with The IPhone 6

It seems that HTC also they conspire to bring to the market a new smartphone from reference return them the lost credit, and although the Taiwanese still have far to go, although it is true that its starting point is not bad with an excellent design in its latest HTC One.

The so-called new flagship of HTC referred to as ‘Aero’, Although we do not know anything about your presentation, commercial name or specifications, but we do have these two filtered images in China showing a similar more than reasonable iPhone 6. Continue reading

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A Filtration Redraws Us a Bike 2015 X 5.2 Inches and Snapdragon 810

Yesterday Engadget Mobile partners echoed it of a so-called filtration that drew us a Moto X 2015 with a huge display of 5.64 inches and 3 GB of RAM. Today at GSM Arena denies that information showing a new filtration Returns to tell us about a Moto X more akin to what we were seeing in the latest rumors. Continue reading

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Samsung Returns to Attacking The IPhone 6 in Their New Ads of The S6 Galaxy Edge

Samsung and Apple is an old rivalry that takes years by running rivers of ink, both in specialized media by their controversies and legal clashes as readers of these comments because no people like to reference one when talking about the other. But what are you going to do, they do like to talk to each other. Continue reading

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Xiaomi Is Selling Its New Redmi 2A, The Mobile 4G Just 71 Euros

At the end of last March, and during the celebration of their first successful five years of existence, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi took the opportunity to introduce another new device. The mobile was called Redmi 2A, and with him the Chinese company was one further step in its strategy to offer mobile completely functional at ridiculous prices.

Today the Xiaomi Redmi 2A is already a reality, and the Chinese company has just put it on sale for a promotional price of 499 Yuan, which change come to be 71 euro 100 Yuan discount off your final price. It’s a range of entry that will highlight to have 4G connectivity, and that it will try to compete with its competition offering a 4.7-inch screen and quad-core processor. Continue reading

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Lenovo CEO Confirms New Smartwatch and Smartphone from Motorola for September

Motorola is another of manufacturers that still did not say everything in this 2015, because to date we have only heard rumors about the renewal of their most important devices, successful 360 Moto and Moto X that has failed to make the assault on the high quality expected.

Some filtration on new high-end smartphones, have also been the unfulfilled promise of a new smartwatch in Google I/o 2015, although the words that best can tell us where are the footsteps of Motorola they are those of its directors. Continue reading

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Telephone Brings Life to Small Phones with a 2 Inch Android

It is very difficult today to highlight in the mobile telephony market, and is that the catalogue of smartphones is saturated in all ranges that surprise is now more expensive than ever.

However, if there are signatures that can still surprise us with different devices, these are the Chinese manufacturers, that not content with demonstrating its superiority in creating phones with the best quality/price ratio, now they are innovating with designs that differentiate them. Continue reading

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Project Ara Will Stop Using Magnet Chucks in Their Modules

After having cancelled the commercial launch of Project Ara in Puerto Rico by the end of this year, modular mobile Google has returned to the work table in search of a change of course in the form of redesign to make them finish grinding those small details We do not know, but that they probably were responsible for the new delay.

To avoid the confusion of users and to not finish vanishing interest in this project, Project Ara makers want to be transparent and have announced on his official Twitter that account one of the elements the product logo, chucks magnets, will disappear from their phones to have failed their test. Continue reading

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New Galaxy or, Samsung Could Soon Expand Family

After the hangover of the debut of the new S6 Galaxy edge + and Galaxy Note 5, the rumors about new releases from Samsung begin to occur. On this occasion, the SamMobile portal, the Korean manufacturer, claims to have information exclusively on two new smartphones

According to the source, the terminals have been labeled as SM-G550 and SM-G600, and they could release a new letter in the catalogue of smartphones from Samsung, since they would be under the name comercialziados “Galaxy or” Continue reading

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This Recreation of The 5 Nexus 2015 Us Gives Clues about Its Possible Design

Already presented the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge + now the next Nexus and Sony Xperia Z become the center of rumors and leaks, and at the moment that there is more information is in the 2015 5 nexus.

A few weeks ago leaked many covers of the new so-called Nexus 5 that would give us clues about its design. And to get an idea of how it would be the 2015 5 nexus @OnLeaks and [uSwitch] bring us one Recreation based on the casing and the latest rumors. Continue reading

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Is This The First Curved Smartphone Huawei?

During the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the rumor mill felt the possibility that Chinese manufacturer Huawei launched its first smartphone with curved screen. Now, after the hangover of the P8 and with the IFA in Berlin just around the corner, the subject returns to collect relevant.

After the timid beginning with curved screens and flexible given by companies like LG and Samsung, it wouldn’t surprising that a company such as Huawei, which invest much of their profits in r & d, had to his first foray in this technology. At least, that suggests the next picture. Continue reading

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The Nexus Will Receive Today The Security Patch for The Vulnerability of The Stagefright

Update: Google has confirmed that starting today the update will begin to reach all Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and Player.

Last week was published one of the most serious vulnerabilities of Android detected to date, a security flaw that would affect 95% of devices. The vulnerability of the Stagefright layer allows to give hackers remote control of your device with a video with malicious code sent by MMS. Continue reading

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New Images of Alleged Cases of The Nexus 2015 5 Give Us More Clues about The Next Google

Although its presentation is not expected until late October or early November, now the rumors and leaks seem to focus on the next Nexus, above all in the expected 2015 5 nexus that Google would be able to offer a high-end very full with a set price.

Last week appeared the first images of a supposed Nexus 5 renewal cover showing on the back three holes, one rectangular and two circular. But the thing was not there, these days they have been popping up more images of alleged cases, and more quality and different angles that would allow us to decipher is what would take the 2015 5 nexus on the back. Continue reading

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Which Is The Mobile Android More Os Liked It That Far This Year? Engadget Android Questions

August is here, and in addition to be a propitious month for go on holiday or benefit from working with the tranquility of who is alone in the office, is also a month to look back and assess How are you are wearing this 2015 with us. That’s why today we have decided to use our weekly question to know what opinabais of what we have seen in the world of Android smartphones in what have been year.

What is the Mobile Android that I liked so far of the year? Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Already Have Price… According to Some Rumors

Already it is very little for the news that Samsung we have prepared with a view to the second half of the year, and if this morning we saw leaked images of the new Galaxy Note 5, is now an authoritative voice on the planet Samsung as SamMobile who reveals more details of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +.

Obviously, by very reliable to be the source, at the moment we can only speak of rumours, but leaked information is as important as the launch of the new Galaxy S6 price edge in format phablet. Continue reading

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Oukitel U6, a Yotaphone at Economic Price That Occurs in China

The Yotaphone, that curious Russian phone with an ink electronic rear already has competition, and also quite serious competition arrives from China, which is that if the Yotaphone smartphone is equipped with high-end price, the U6 Oukitel be more an economic cutting device.

That Yes, maintains the credentials of the dual-screen, mounting at the rear a panel of e-ink It will save battery in certain situations or personalise while the terminal is idle. Continue reading

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Huawei Y6, Range More Basic Is Also a Relay Is Worth

When at end of year we’re intent on several compilations, surely if we speak of manufacturers we will remember from Huawei and its spin-off Honor, two firms that have encouraged us much of the season with a lot of smartphones and good arguments on them.

Huawei is now inviting its presentation at IFA, and although we still hope to Huawei Watch, one of his creations star for this year, the truth is that the catalogue presented by the Chinese manufacturer is quite interesting, starting with its new flagship Huawei P8. Continue reading

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