10 Hair Vintage Wedding Accessories

If you are passionate about vintage and dreaming of a retro wedding, discover the most beautiful hair accessories ! Take inspiration from our gallery.

The most beautiful vintage wedding hair accessories, a roundup of ideas for a young bride who dreams of a wedding of another era. From feathers to internetages, from jeweled brooch to lace, here is the variety of accessories to choose from.

10 Hair Vintage Wedding Accessories

The vintage style, romantic and chic, is among the most striking themes chosen by the bride and groom. Accessories play an important role, because they can enhance a face and embellish the dress, whether it’s a peak of feathers, a silk sash or a mischievous veil. Here, then, a selection of wedding hair accessories inspired by the dive of the 1920s.

The bride can choose from numerous vintage style headpiece are typical of that era. The Classic tiara, if for the wedding you have chosen to wear a Princess gown, alternatively a very big fabric flower to pin in your hair better on a crop or a semi-harvest.

Let us never forget that accessories, although vintage, must be matched to the type of clothes: If you wear something very simple, like a smooth, soft and chaste, then the circle of beads can be the right balance between past and present, provided, however that the pearls are not too large. For a 1920s-style wedding for example a feathered accessory would be perfect, alternatively the lace fermavelo, if your gown is already too rich and decorated. Feathers instead should be absolutely fine on a short wedding dress or very sober and not too bulky.

Romantic, timeless and definitely vintage, many brides who wear: we’re obviously talking about the veil with flowers, which hopefully you can make from a seamstress by using the same type of fabric of your gown. Most are eccentric accessories is good that are similar and in tune with the wedding dress, but generally with the mood of the wedding, if you really want to aim for perfection. If the goal instead is shine, then these flowers is right that’s enough gleaming and obvious, in which case bets on rhinestone flowers but they are made using very small pieces, because more and more, at least apparently, seem valuable.

Ribs are undoubtedly the vintage wedding accessory par excellence and possibilities in this case are really a lot, although the most popular are two: on one side the classic lace embroidered range, which can be made from the same, dress lace on the other a very soft fabric to be enriched with a jeweled brooch of cubic zirconia.

Anyway, whatever your favorite vintage accessory not neglected the choice of hairstyle. In the 1920s, in fact, women wore their hair short Bob with bangs or side line, smooth or with waves are defined, unless the year you want to be inspired is not another, showing off a beautiful 50 ‘s hairstyle. In any case try to create a harmonious look, then also the make up will in a sense adapt to your idea of “vintage”. You’re looking for inspiration? Please take a look at our gallery.