10 Infallible Tips for Choosing ehe Wedding Invitation

An indispensable item, the printed wedding invitation is still the most elegant way to invite. Learn how to hire, when to deliver and etiquette tips when it’s time to invite!

The wedding invitation is an indispensable item when it comes to the Great Day. Interactive, sophisticated, rustic, modern, romantic, with personalized paintings and the eternal classics, how to choose?The style of the couple, style of the event and the budget are decisive factors in this task!

  1. Remember that it is a preview of marriage

It is important to remember that the wedding invitation will be your guest’s first contact with the party. The formality or otherwise of the invitation will be crucial in defining the costume and in the expectation of the guest for the ceremony and reception. The anxiety and willingness to close all suppliers are great, but seek the guidance of a specialist to make sure which model of invitation fits your event proposal.

According to Fernando Toribio, from the company Papel e Estilo , “The important thing is that the invitation is consistent with the style of the party, in addition to objectively communicating all the important information.”

  1. Check the terms of hiring

The ideal time frame for hiring the wedding invitations is 6 to 4 months before the wedding.In order not to compromise the delivery of the invitations, it is also necessary to count the time for calligraphy or handling / finishing.At Susana Fujita , the ideal time is at least 6 months.”With this deadline, we have managed to work with tranquility in the creation of exclusive arts and personalized paintings,” adds Susana.

For special invitations of godmothers and groomsmen, Paper and Style recommends the term between 9 and 6 months. This time can increase in the case of godmothers and godparents living abroad due to the need to schedule passage, lodging and even a brief vacation!

  1. Quantity

Count the number of invitations according to the number of families and consider at least 10% more as margin of safety due to possible calligraphy errors or guests added to the list after their closure.

Important, check the guest list carefully before hiring the invitations.

  1. Delivery

The most correct way to deliver the invitation is at hand, but we know that this is not always an easy task.For those who live in a big city like São Paulo, traffic is a factor that complicates even more.One suggestion is to ask for help from parents and family and, if at all, hire companies that specialize in delivery.For the guests of other states and countries the option would be the mail.

  1. Tips on Inviting

According to Maura Cruz of Cards and Co, “The ideal is to send the invitation at least 30 days in advance, to pay attention to the form of treatment you want to put in the invitations such as Mr. and Mrs. or Mr. and family and “NEVER” miss the guest’s first and last name when sending the list to subscribe the envelopes. “It is very important to see and review the list so as not to forget anyone, she points out.

  1. RSVP – Presence Confirmation

Good planning requires the famous RSVP (Répondez S’il Vous Plâit-Please Answer). Include in the wedding invitation the name and telephone number of the person responsible for the confirmation with a deadline of up to 20 days before the wedding date. Another option is to use the phrase “Please confirm attendance”. Regardless of style, it is paramount to have the number of guests confirmed up to 10 days before the wedding for possible increases with the buffet.

  1. Save The Date

It is never too late to send a Save the Date, electronic or paper, at least 4 months before the wedding.In this first moment there is no need to inform the venue, the time of the ceremony and reception.The goal is to ensure that the guests reserve their schedules and schedule themselves for the event of the year!

  1. Visual identity

It is worth emphasizing the importance of hiring all other stationery items with the same supplier. The presentation, layout, paper, and print should follow the invitation standard such as menus, car tags, thank you cards, missals, Save the Date, toillets kits, tears of joy, and products with personalized bride and groom labels.

  1. Tips
    -Always search 3 suppliers. Companies have different values, models, paper types, and printing.
    -Read the invitation proof carefully. Be aware of Portuguese errors, names and addresses.
    “Make an invitation to you bride and groom as a souvenir.
    -Want to get out of the traditional, do not be afraid to dare!

Comprises a carton box, colored pencils kit and printed in black and white.Text of the message inside the box (optional) “Life does not have one color.By painting our invitation, you will be coloring part of our story.Explore your artistic side and share on social networks. “Inviting, right!

Exclusive Content
For the more informed and technological, the highlight is the Invitation with Exclusive Content (photo beginning of the story). Initially it seems like a common invitation, but with the integration of the application LeJour and a smartphone allows the couple to talk through a video directly with their guests. They can also opt for an animation, a pre-wedding with background music or even a dynamic invitation with the bride and groom talking a little about the big day.

The invitation is a true work of art!It provides the personalization of arts and the uniqueness of an illustration made by the hands of an artist.What guest would not keep something so beautiful and precious ?!

Inspired by the lacy and minimalist trend, the laser-cut invitation allows for replicas of income on the paper itself.

Models made of clear papers (white, off-white and beige), with prints and relief without color and metallized printing.

Models made of textured paper (raw, brown, green and beige-pastel shades) with special emphasis on straw ties, shells, cinnamon and other materials.

More daring models made of glossy and frosted papers (black, silver and gold are on the rise). Bold brides, take advantage of the trend and dare!

For lovers of lace, it is possible to apply fabric to the finish of the envelope or doilies (lacy papers) with the following advised from etaizhou.info:

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