10 Makeup Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Women still undergo beauty needs, how to work in a place where the makeup is required.

There are also those who don’t leave home without if beautify at all. And it is by these and other types of women who work, study and have little time to fix that this text is dedicated.

Here we will list ten makeup tips to make your life easier and you don’t need to suffer to make in an elevator, in the car, or in the lobby of the company, because nobody deserves it’s not?

Must-Have Makeup Tips

1 – Separate the Essential

For a basic makeup, day to day, you will need:

  • Concealer
  • Base
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Brushes

These are essentials. To expedite the process of makeup, let a travel case separately with these items, to make your life easier and improve your time. This is the first of the ten makeup tips that will optimize your time, making your life.

2 – Cream Items

Not to waste time testing makeups and trying to set the color of your skin, the experts have already done that for you.

They selected the colors of eye shadow, lipstick and blush that more matches every skin tone. So have only those items in your makeup bag and don’t try to innovate.

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Remember that if it goes wrong, you won’t have time to test again:

Colors of Shadows

  • Blondes: bright colors, grey and Brown.
  • Brown: Brown, grey, purple and lilac.
  • Black women: gold, copper, brass and pastel colors.
  • Orientals: Brown, gray and black.

Blush Colors:

  • Eastern white: pink and peach.
  • Brunettes: light pink, Pink, Brown.
  • Black: Plum, pink or violet. Ice to ease the greasiness

If your skin is very oily and you don’t have a primer to apply before makeup, ice can be your ally.

Prepare the skin with ice cubes in a thin cloth, passing across the face. This Act can have the same effect as a primer, in the absence of a the makeup will not mix with the oiliness of your skin.

4 –  Powder and Lipstick

If you only have five minutes of the start of the day to make up, a good tip to make the lipstick last, for example, is to use the dust for fix it.

What you should do is pass a layer of lipstick, then a facial powder on top with a brush and then another layer of lipstick.

This hint of makeup will make your life easier because it will keep the lipstick on her mouth by the time you get home.

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5 – The Power of the Cotton Swab

Always have a box of q-tips in sight. They are great to make corrections on time on makeup, since it’s very easy to mess up the layout of the eyeliner and smudge the eyeliner.

So that you don’t have to take all the makeup already applied, the swab will help you do minor corrections required.

6 – Credit Card or Teaspoon

Still in the haze that just get in the way and take our time, another tip is to support the eyelashes on a credit card, or teaspoon in time to apply the mascara. This action will prevent the smudging of the classics brush.

7 – Dry Mascara

If at the time of daily makeup you realize that your mascara, item so important in the makeup of the day is dry, drip a drop of saline or contact lens solution and everything will be resolved.

8 – Easy Application Products

To work, study and professional commitments that are part of the run of the whole day, prefer products of easy application, as bases with applicator and lipsticks that can be applied by hand, without the use of brushes. These items can make your life easier in time for the rush.

9 –  Kitty Eyeliner Without Errors

If you don’t yet have the confidence to make a kitten and don’t have time to be missing, use a masking tape so as not to miss the shred. The trick is simple, but could not be left out of the makeup tips to make your life easier.

10 – Finally, the Makeup

After all the makeup tips to streamline your time, we’re going to a step-by-step makeup simple and easy, anyway.

  • It is important that, for the day to day, the skin is the highlight.Then, wash your face daily for take out impurities and hydrate well.
  • Use concealer for imperfections and apply the dust with a brush  Avoid sponges, to be more natural.
  • For blush, smile to highlight the cheekbones and apply gently.
  • A thin line of eyeliner, mascara and a lip gloss clear.

This makeup won’t take five minutes and you’re ready to go!