February has arrived again this year and now there are only a few days to choose the gift for Valentine’s day.

We say this every year, on 14 February is a commercial holiday, but there is nothing to do: even if you try to pretend nothing showcases have already filled with cutside and hearts and all the good intentions not to grind race at present go to hell.

Last year I focused on jewelry for her as a gift for Valentine’s day that, just between us, remain effective hints like the 10 gift ideas I gave you for Christmas if you don’t have them already followed.

This time, however, I don’t want to hurt anyone, and so here’s 10 Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her divided by price.

The gift idea for Valentine’s day: a clock

First we start by choosing the gift idea for Valentine’s day: a clock. Why? And you ask me as well?

The watch is timeless because it is a perfect gift and always appreciated not only useful, but also because it serves to express their own style. Through the clock we communicate our personality and we complete the look that we wear: casual, classic or sporty, elegant, trendy, and in fact the clocks are never enough!

We want to talk, then, the message that sends this gift for Valentine’s day? A clock helps make the less time tyrant and more enjoyable, expresses a desire to be with each passing day and reminds us every time you check the schedule.

In short, all wonderful messages, and I say this with full knowledge of the facts why this Christmas I received a wonderful clock from which I separate myself ever!

The 3 gifts for her by 340 euro

In the price range 100-300 euros without any doubt the brand of choice for your gift for Valentine’s Breil, a historical brand of quality for watches at very inviting.

If your you are trendy and likes the original accessories you can choose the model Breil Infinity TW1350 (€ 199), with polished stainless steel case, swarovski mirrored dial indexes and a nice gimmick: the cuff is more laps in mesh and can turn even a necklace. Practically 3 gifts in one!

If she loves the color, is aggressive and casual style you can opt for a watch from the series Brick (€ 100), with colored ceramic coated steel bracelet. You choose the color that best fits his personality between red, pink, white, blue and black.

If your woman loves designer labels, colorful designs and get noticed , you can gift for Valentine’s day one of 3 clocks pocket (€ 340). The dials of the DoDo collection are decorated with butterflies, sparrows and small fishes, while the straps are woven coloured leather. It’s definitely an original choice for its sparkling colours, suitable for a spirited girl.

The 3 gifts for him within 300 euro

If he is a sporty type, a nice gift for Valentine’s day is a series of Breil Manta Professional. You can choose between the automatic watch (€ 290), the chronograph (€ 230) and the chronograph with alarm (€ 270).

If your man like the watches sub or if you don’t have one yet, you can think of the BreilManta Scuba Gent (ref. tw1272, € 120) . It’s a timeless model that can use all year round.

If your he’s super gritty gift for Valentine’s day is the chronograph Breil Abarth Tw1248 (€ 200), with anthracite dial, red and gray. Believe me, it’s a pattern which condenses character and sportsmanship.

If, then, would you like to be a little spending € 300, you can choose from several templates Locman I talked.

The 3 watches for him and her by £ 1000

If the budget of your gift for Valentine’s day exceeds € 500 but does not intend to go over € 1000, I would say that you have to choose a Longines Watch. I never tire of saying it: is a brand that makes the elegance and simplicity to its strengths, it has a long tradition in watchmaking and has an excellent price/performance ratio. I mean, what more do you want?

For your you have no doubt: the Longines Flagship model (ref. L42164126, € 750). It’s a very chic, clean lines that can hardly get tired over time!

For your him, instead, there are 2 models absolutely unmissable series Heritage-Conquest of Longines. The first is an automatic watch with date (ref. L 1.611.4.52.4, € 1000) 35 mm, black dial with stainless steel and alligator strap.

The second is the automatic model L 1.611.4.75.2 (€ 880), even this 35 mm case and a date window, steel but with silver and leather strap.

The watch for you over € 1000

If your woman like designer accessories and it tastes a bit difficult -apart from a big good luck-I can only advise you as gift for Valentine’s day a clock of famous brandBaume & Mercier.

The prices are a bit altini, but if you don’t want to overdo it and give a casual-chic watch, you can choose the model Line (ref. 10036, £ 1,600).

Tips on buying a watch

With the indication of references, I’d say pick your gift for Valentine’s day should be easy!
At this point I can only give you some final tips for purchasing, first and foremost toalways ask for a discount retailer. Notice to shyness, as they say it is legitimate to ask and answer is courtesy, so if you’ll be denied reply with the classic Ci’ll think about it!Sometimes it’s before the seller come to think of it, and maybe with discount pay for dinner with which to make your gift for Valentine’s day.

The second recommendation is to prefer buy from official dealers in your city because over time the clocks may need revision or repair and these stores are almost always equipped and ready to solve the problem.

Final warning: with clocks that have the leather you have to remember to remove it when you wash your hands because you replace a stained strap can have a significant cost.

Now you just have to do your gift for Valentine’s day and accompany it with a nice love card, because without that-quoting Califano- everything else is boring (or pure consumerism!).