10 Ways to Wear a Black Dress

We all know already that with a black dress never get compromised. But will the old classic is even suitable for all occasions. Look for inspiration in these 10 different looks for the most versatile garment of our wardrobes!


Just with a simple black dress, knee, with straps or sleeves and a neckline not much evidenced if you can a look simple and easy. Don’t accessorize, keep your neck and ears naked for a cleanappearance. Makeup should be light. The hair can be worn loose or busted to look more sophisticated. Add only a clutch black and unpretentious and classic black shoes. This look is indicated for sober ceremonies or for those who want to try a minimalist look, where less is more.


The black dress for this look may be long or the knee. Choose elegant accessories, not too flashy and without strong colors. Choose gold, silver or shiny. Use the hair pulled back with a hairstyle to a thin and elegant aspect. Makeup can be more striking than in the simple look, but be careful not to collide with the jewellery. How much are the heaviest necklace, earrings or bracelets, lighter should be to make-up. Can combine with a scarf monochrome, not necessarily black, and with a clutch of same color or black. Heels can be taller and with some glitter or other detail that the highlight.

Chi That

For the chic look can keep the classic straight and by knee or, if you want to vary, you can choose a template slightly shorter, with higher volume in the room, with no back or with an interesting neckline. Accessorize with original pieces, extravagant and even colorful. Makeup can be strong, with eyeliner loaded (cat style) and a vibrant lipstick (red, orange or hot pink, if you like). The nails may accompany the lipstick color, but be careful not to fall into exaggeration. Add a blazer or a colored belt and make a bulky hairstyle with the hair down. The shoes can be very high and compensated, with original traits or a vivid colour. You can also choose to galoshes. Attention with Garish colors used, must remain by black and only one or two colors that match each other.


The sexy look should be stylish at the same time. We don’t want a aspect too provocative. The black dress can be falls-falls and/or neckline of heart. Make some mysterious smoky eyes and paint the lips red. The accessories should be simple, because we don’t want to divert attention away from face and body. A black dress with lace, leather or skin is the sexiest that you can find. Alternatively, you can choose a scarf or a clutch with details of income. If you want to be really daring, you can add even some gloves this fabric or silk or a half of a nice income that are delicious with a short and fair. Shoes? High!


Conjugate your black dress with a jacket or blazer type short leather jacket and another color instead of the short jacket, can also opt for a light-colored coat. Use opaque stockings black or gray (a color that stay well with the color of the coat) and choose a skin boots to complete the look. Put a long wire or a necklace and earrings metal chain type and use the hair down or caught but with a relaxed air. Makeup should be light, although it may carry on the lips. This is a practical look for use during the day, for a cup of coffee or go to shopping.

To Work

To the Office or to receive customers, use your black dress with a belted jacket or a dress belted half sleeve. Complement with a silk scarf around his neck and with small earrings. Makeup should be discreet and shoes should, above all, be comfortable. A choice of black varnish with not too high heels and a round toe. Instead of the folder to upload the documents, opt for a clutch XL quite feminine.


For younger women and carefree, this look is essential. The black dress should be short and fluid, not too fair. Combine it with leather jackets, blue jeans or cardigans thicker and with ethnic motifs accessories. For the feet, you can choose from fabric shoes or Sandals for summer and winter boots. Socks with pattern and a big purse shoulder strap completes the look. In winter, add a wool hat and a thick scarf.

Urban Style

A black dress and elastic can make a good urban look. Add a sport coat with a hood and some hoops as earrings. Stretch the hair and make a ponytail or use a hat with visor. Sports shoes boot type with bold colors complement this set perfectly. Alternatively, wear black from top to bottom for a visual urban cool.


For an irreverent style bet in original black dress, complemented by hair and makeup also originals. If you have short hair, opt for a visual disheveled; If you have long hair, take the hair making a save with volume. Use makeup loaded and with strong colors. Accessorize with earrings and many bracelets. Complete with a colorful blazer and/or a thick belt. Choose different shoes and reflect to your personality. In summer you can play the very colorful strips sandals.


For a vintage style choose a conservative black dress cleavage rising or the classic with the Court by the knee. Add a belt above the waist and choose classic shoes laces and shallow or small jumps. The SOCKS can be opaque or income. Can acessorizar with a string of pearls or a handkerchief vintage pattern. Choose sunglasses with frame in dough and let your hair down, with a tape, a dash or a felt Hat vintage style.