10 X Lace Boots

Now the fall is approaching by storm and thus also the pronounced autumn shoes. One of the most exciting models for the season is the classic laces that depend on material, model and read very different.

Unlike, for example, Chelsea boots or Jodphurs, the laces are characterized by a normal lacing and a higher shaft. The model may be of oxford or derby design where the latter becomes more informal.

What’s extra nice with just the laces is how the model can be customized for very different uses. By choosing an oxford model in calf leather with a more detailed read, shoe becomes more or less equivalent to a dressed low-heel and perfect for a flannel costume in autumn / winter. If you want something less free, you can choose a more bulky reading with coarse rubber sole and a rusty material such as mock or grain leather. These models are equally suitable for mountain hiking as well as a pair of slim jeans in town winter time.

We have chosen 10 models we got a little extra for.

Edward Green Galway – A Derby Knee in two-tone model where the base is in fine calf leather and the upper part of the coarser grain. Super nice in the dark shade Dark Oak.

Alfred Sargent has in his “Exclusive Range” Cambridge model, a classic lanyard with round toe and cognacs brown grain leather. The combination of lightweight leather and rubber sole makes it optimal for tough winter conditions.

Anrika John Lobb has in his offer split toe the Chambord II boot. Here in a red-brown buffalo leather.

The classic Stowe Boot from Trickers. A full brogue derby boot in the bright shade Acorn with triple leather sole. A perfect shoe for a more free dress.

The super-sophisticated lanyard Canterbury in the nuance Dark Oak on Gaziano & Girling’s slightly rounded reading DG70. A shoe that would undoubtedly be able to wear a suit.

The Leffot Shoe Shop in New York has done a series of collaborative models with American Alden and one of the most successful is the Cooney Booney Cooney boot in snuff suede.

Spanish Mermaid offers one of the market’s most affordable boots in medium-brown suede with storm rim and rubber sole.

Big brother Carmina has one of the most elegant laces in the market in the 080092 model, which is a Balmoral Boot in light brown cordovan.

Enzo Bonafé 3571 – This is also a derby booth in two different materials but here in the same shade and with chiseled toe. Bonafé works with a completely handcrafted design, and on this model it is a Norvegese or Bäcksöm construction.

Laszlo Vass works like Bonafé with hand-knitted shoes and here’s an oxford boot in the shades of cognac and green suede on the company’s P2 read.