13.0 Hangouts with Chrome Custom Tabs and Lots of Emotes to Flip Tables as Never

We don’t have clear what game is playing Google with Hangouts, as the latest updates as little have made us raise an eyebrow. Remember that only visible Hangouts 12 novelty was the possibility of sending shruggies via a text command.

Now history repeats itself, and is that addition to include support for the Chrome Custom Tabs -that it was time, the truth-the last major Hangouts update continues on the same path to allow you to send text expressions, emotes, or whatever you want them call. In total 20 new emotes, and it is never enough.

Chrome Custom Tabs

The browser included within Hangouts 13.0 is enabled by default and, as you might expect, open all the links that someone you send in a text conversation. If the reason that is not like, You can disable it from the options of Hangouts.

Emotes for all

Shruggie was only the beginning, and Hangouts 13 comes with 19 extra friends by mixing emojis, ASCII art and popular culture. There is no shortcut or mode of quick access to the new commands, so you must learn them by heart. They are as follows:

  • algebraic
  • dealwithit
  • disapprove
  • facepalm
  • flowerbeam
  • happy
  • lgtm
  • lit
  • octodisco
  • puppyparty
  • shame
  • shrug
  • success
  • sunglasses
  • tableback
  • tableflip
  • that
  • This
  • Wizard
  • Yuno

I will not describe what makes each one to not ruin the surprise, but the truth is that the names are very descriptive. Some commands do not make much sense because they are simply emojis (e.g. shame shows three “Tinkerbell” inspired in game of Thrones), and almost cost you less add to chat write command.

The Chrome Custom Tabs and these new emotes are the only visible changess the latest version “than” Hangouts, but if we have learnt anything in recent times is that round versions numbers of Hangouts does not really mean much. Under the hood Hangouts seems to be cooking Launcher Shortcuts that would be available in Pixel Launcher.

Hangouts 13.0 reach Google Play soon, but if you can wait no longer to send these commands from text and need it now, you have available in APKMirror APK.


Hangouts 13.0 with Chrome, Custom Tabs and a lot of emotes …

Hangouts 13.0 with Chrome, Custom Tabs and a lot of emotes ...

Source: phoneia.com