14.0 Hangouts Include Launcher Shortcuts and Makes Cleaning Your Menus

No doubt Google is taking it in stride with Hangouts. While Allo received eleven improvements in its 2.0 update per month have been released, a shruggie and Hangouts 13.0 Hangouts 12 only added a handful of more emotes and Chrome Custom Tabs. After identity crisis, it seems that Google is ready to start adding things that really matter.

Hangouts 14.0 includes at last some that another novelty to try to bring this application to the future, while its future is of itself something uncertain. It is the case of the Launcher shortcuts and several reorganization of menus After a dozen of versions had been grouping badly: it was high time to cleaning.

Hangouts prepares for the future

Google is very busy these days preparing all your applications for changes in Android Nougat. Some of them are the multi-window support, circular icon, the Launcher shortcuts and support for pasting images and GIF from the keyboard. Time to pass list:

  • Multi-window support: Hangouts works well in mode multi-view, even in integrations of third parties such as the Samsung.
  • Circular icon: It is not included as such in the APK, but Google Pixel Launcher includes it in its interior in place. The roads of Google are inscrutable.
  • Launcher shortcuts: She is now added in the version 14.0. From there you can start a new conversation, voice and video call ringtone.
  • Paste images and GIF from the keyboard: Not available for now.

To use the Launcher shortcuts of Hangouts need well having support for this option as the beta of Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, as well as get Hangouts 14.0 which should arrive on Google Play soon, but you can also download the APK Android 7.1 and Pixel Launcher or by a pitcher. That Yes, warned are Nova Launcher appears to hang whenever you use it.

These menus were a mess

Taking advantage of 14.0 version Google has reorganized several menus in the application. The floating button before giving you the option to start a group chat or a normal chat now just gives you an option, and then is when you must choose if you want to talk with a group.

Hangouts options: before and after

Another important change is in the the conversations options menu. While previously this menu was fairly populated and as confusing as “People and options” elements, now disappear several menu items and separates people of options. It is not that Hangotus 14.0 should include any radical change, although if we compare it with previous updates unless the impression is somewhat more optimistic about their future.