18000 Mini Split Air Conditioner for Home Use

Have more comfort in an air-conditioned room with a Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU.

The feeling of comfort provided by an air-conditioned environment helps make the tasks of everyday life at home or place of work more comfortable. The air conditioning split 18000 BTUs is a great choice and fulfills this function very well be in the comfort of your home or office, during office hours. In addition to cooling, the device is one of the equipment of quieter.

The split air conditioner has two parts that are connected by tubes and wires. The evaporator, which is installed inside the space and serves to suck air and return it to cool to the site, and the condenser, which is located outside and leads to the external environment heat sucked through the evaporator and condenses. The part that produces noise is the condenser, so it is always installed outside for isolating the noise from the living area.

Notes to split air conditioning 18000 BTUs

The split air conditioning 18000 BTUs used for commercial environments that have to 25m² and residential with up to 30m². The BTUs (Bristish Thermal Unit) refers to the power required to cool a given area. However, some factors affect this measurement, such as the incidence of sunlight, how many people attend the space in which it is installed and there are many incandescent lamps and electronic devices on site. If you have any questions, do the calculation and set the choice. You can also opt for a model with system hot / cold depending on the needs of the place where you live. You can find many split air conditioners at the lower market price. Do not delay the opportunity to have more comfort for less.

About the installation

Choose a place where the condenser and the evaporator are next. Remember that the parts are interconnected. Do not place the air conditioner outlet on electronics because they can be damaged if water comes out of the evaporator. Remember to leave a space between the equipment and the ceiling for easy cleaning, filter change and maintenance.

Care cleaning

Speaking of cleaning, as well as in all types of air conditioning, it should be done on a regular basis. If there is too much dust in the environment, clean the filter once a week. Otherwise, once a month is enough. The inside also needs to be taken care of. Call a technician every year to see if it’s all right with her.

Sustainable alternative

There are some split air conditioning designs that make use of refrigerant R-410 gas, as is the case of the apparatus reversing. It is eco-friendly and ensures a low environmental impact. This option is a sustainable and economical alternative, since the devices that use this type of gas use less energy.

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