2 OnePlus Mounted a 13-Megapixel Camera, and Here’s Your First Posted Picture

Of OnePlus 2 We will gradually know details published by the Chinese company to keep high the media uproar to his around. However, this time was not the own OnePlus who wanted to reveal their next smartphone data, which Now we know your main camera.

Was Marques Brownlee who in their own Google + has published for the first time a photograph made with the OnePlus 2, an image that shows the good quality of a sensor that It will on the 13 megapixel camera with Aperture F2.0.

In fact, data have been extracted from the file itself, and it is that Marques has not said anything on the picture aside from confirming that it has been taken with a 2 OnePlus.

Obviously, we will take this as an unconfirmed filtration a confirmation, it seems that you Marques has already received from the hands of the own OnePlus device, so data are consistent and are completely reliable. It remains to be seen if the manufacturer saved is a surprise for the presentation of its new flagship on July 27, or if we will arrive with all the fish sold.

Continue to OnePlus movements, although we will try to bring reliable data only and official confirmations, bearing in mind that OnePlus likes to move much media coverage to its around we could spend all day talking about them.

What do expect you new OnePlus 2?