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How to Make Necklace at Home

Always looking for unique and original accessories? Unleash creativity with necklaces DIY with pearls, precious stones, colored wires, chains and recycled materials. With a little patience and some ideas you can turn your passion for fashion accessories in a fun hobby! If … Continue reading

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Essential Makeup Kit

Hi girls, okay with you? After some time without appearing for the blog, Josie and I decided to post something which can be very useful to all of you who are starting in the world of makeup now, or even if … Continue reading

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Ombre Hair: Steps and Result

Hi Hi guys, how are you doing? For those who do not accompany me on instagram (follow did not see that I made a change in my hair, hahaha. Okay, not quite a transformation but it was a changed huh? Well, I went … Continue reading

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How to Dress During Pregnancy

Towards the end of the first quarter, you will start to feel cramped in your favorite clothes. Quickly, a new wardrobe! Which parts choose to be comfortable? In what subjects? Here are 6 tips to help you do your shopping. … Continue reading

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Intimate Fashion for Valentine’s Day

Good morning girls! Today’s tip is for intimate fashion to spice up Valentine’s Day! Nothing can better help us in this mission than the one set of super cute and sexy lingerie! And for the smart reader here, the intimate fashion pieces are also … Continue reading

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Beach Bags

Summer is over the shops are already exposing autumn-winter collections, but and this heat? Out and about yet! One of the advantages of living in a tropical country, with this heat is no need to wait for the summer to be able to go to … Continue reading

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Handbags and Desired Moment!

You have something that makes us girls pulling her hair is talking about the “it bags” of fashion. It’s like an addiction girls??? I confess I’m crazy for them, buy one, passes a season and already want to another. We can put a … Continue reading

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Luxury Guess Handbags Collection

The Hunch of Luxury is on pace for party, celebrating 2 years anniversary, and we are preparing another mega surprise for our readers! Attention girls … take a deep breath, prepare your hearts, release the consumerist spirit and come with us …. hahahahahahaha … Continue reading

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The Famous Fashionistas Hairstyle 2016

For a long time we saw the famous fashionistas and use in events, red carpet the wavier hair and messy isn’t it? But how much change in fashion in the world of beauty is no different and even the hair style seems to … Continue reading

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Bizarre Trends: The leggings Men!

From overseas is coming the most bizarre among the trends of recent years. Yes, men may wear leggings! Have your say on this controversial new fashion! You thought the pants-tights of a man it was a question now archived, a tragic chapter … Continue reading

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Hatha Yoga

When it comes to yoga in a generic sense, usually becoming reference to an appearance quite specific yogic tradition: the physical yoga. Within the broad spectrum of elements that make up this philosophical and scientific system, the practice of postures, … Continue reading

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RC Tanks

Among the vehicles radio control could not miss, of course, the RC tanks. Due to its versatility, the larger models can move on a different surface (land or water) and up to shoot projectiles, which, added to the Like all … Continue reading

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What is Tablet?

Tablet is a term in the English language that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The concept can be translated as tablet, although the meanings of this notion mentioned by the RAE do not match the actual meaning. A tablet, in short, … Continue reading

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February has arrived again this year and now there are only a few days to choose the gift for Valentine’s day. We say this every year, on 14 February is a commercial holiday, but there is nothing to do: even … Continue reading

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Plus Size Model Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday, the plus size model that conquered the fashion world Hi girls, how’s it going? You know Tess Holiday? I confess I didn’t know until recently. In my research on plus size clothes, I came across a picture of the North American … Continue reading

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Guide to Buying LED Light Bulbs

The Most Common Questions How to choose the bulbs? What models are suitable to my environment? How many lamps need? And how to calculate? There are many questions faced by those reform or decorate a house or apartment. Even more these … Continue reading

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How to Use the Phone as a Router (Android, iPhone and Windows Phone)

Learn how to turn your Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone a USB or Wi-Fi modem   Have you ever thought about using your phone as a router? With a decent mobile internet and the lack of Wi-Fi hotspots around, it … Continue reading

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Lenovo Vibe K5: the Return of Smartphone R $ 999

With 1920×1080 pixel display, 2 GB of RAM and octa-core processor, Vibe K5 is below thousand reais   Lenovo unveiled on Wednesday (30) Vibe K5, according smartphone company in the Brazilian market. The device is slightly less than the Vibe A7010, which … Continue reading

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Avarcas Footwear

What is footwear and where did it come from? Hey, have you heard of avarcas? If not yet, you better hurry to meet the footwear that promises to be the sensation of this year. No jump, ultra mega comfortable and, … Continue reading

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