Are Wedding Veils Still in Style

Today we close our survey on the veil in which we asked you if this accessory no time, he was still one of the must-have of the girls for their wedding. The veil is the accessory that makes the most of all the unique wedding. If you think that girls today are just fascinated by the tradition of classical of these accessories, you are wrong! From the results of our survey showed that 43% of readers the wedding veil is a must that you can not give up: lots of our readers so do not give up for anything in the world to be traditional and beautiful with their classic veil.

15% then has no doubt: not only would the veil for their wedding but they also want long and regal. Then there is a 13% of you that just would not want the veil.
Obviously this is a much-loved accessory but it always depends on the type of dress you decide to wear: In fact, there are some that do not fit the veil but that would be better with a headband or simply with original hairstyle.

The 9% of you then He has no doubts: the veil is to be in tulle light, so to caress the shoulders, without being noticed too. Instead love the refinement of luxurious fabrics 7% of you who would like a veil lace. Very few girls who prefer other accessories: only 2% would like a short veil and back while 6% would opt for a flower or a circle. I think still very dependent even gown you choose: if very simple veil always adds a special touch. If you already have a somewhat ‘particular dress, we recommend to be careful with the wedding accessories also suggested by

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