How to Make Straw Light

Do you have in your room reading lamp? You can not read or write home, but makes a wonderful atmosphere in the room and make our dreams calmer. Especially those of us who are afraid or just us uncomfortable to sleep in the dark. One such night light does not stop us sleeping, but does not leave us all alone in the darkness, which also interfere with sleep. Now we will surprise you as you say that you can make great starry night light of straw and yet only two materials. Becomes unique and really looks like a starburst, at least in the pictures we’ve seen, we’re great. Just remember that you will need quite straws, so from now on, any straw to use, wash it and store it, you will need for this project.

Materials needed:
500 straws can and with less
Metal basket for frying potatoes and cheapest happens only is deeper
A small light with a switch or Christmas lights in one color

How it’s done:
Take the first straw and pierce it through one of the holes of the basket, the hole should stand exactly in the middle of the straw, then gently fold. This continues until all 500 straws are inserted into the basket.

Forgot to mention, it’s good to have the cart handle to fold after the flower lighting. Ie there should attach little light or Christmas ones. It’s a little more difficult part, so do not hesitate to ask for help from an adult if it is difficult, even it is imperative not to make a blunder.
Then ask Dad to screw a screw into the wall and hang the lamp, why not above the bed and you’re done. You have beautiful starry lamp made of many straws and metal frying basket.
Is not it beautiful? And it does not so difficult.

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