2017 Makeup Trends

Not only inspiration for looks and hair became the fashion week in Paris (03 to 06 July). The lipstick used by models also had featured, not only for bringing an idea of what will be used on the station, and the fact that surprised due to a drastic change compared to past parades. Check now 2017 makeup trends!

If you, like most, was already used to the texture matte lipsticks being the darlings of fashion events, may also be surprised to find that they had almost no place in the new season.

The highlight was for the shiny, wet-looking lipsticks and they call a lot of attention. The models interleaved between lacquered, creamy and lipsticks with glitter. The colors also had a focus less colorful than usual, getting between shades of red, earthy and nudes.

Follow the inspiration to plan the next makes:

2017-makeup trends

Nude lacquered effect (wet):

A trend that remains, the lipstick in nude tones get a lacquered appearance (wet effect), giving delicacy. Are perfect for day to day, but can also be a great ally for a heavier production that focus in the shade or in the outlined eyes.


The glitter overlay to shades of red was protagonist in Atelier Versace fashion show, and can be the star of your next production also. Suitable for evening makeup and festive glitter can also be adapted in amount and thickness according to your personal taste and what you ask.

Earth Tones:

Jean Paul Gaultier presented a fashion show where practically all models used the lipstick in earth tones, reinforcing the strong trend of color for the winter season – 2017 makeup. The Allies also brightness, tones bring a strong and remarkable aspect to make.

Red, very red.

As expected the Red survives another season. The color, which appears with each new season with a different guy, get to 2017 with winter glitter and plenty of liveliness. Leaving any production with a power the most, is the ideal color to give focus to the lips. It is worth remembering that the makeup for the eyes can be more discreet to not let the visual too flashy.