Borrow Makeup Can Provide Health Risks

You have a habit of sharing or borrow makeup the your friends? So, this text is for you! Few people know, but it is very important to cut the habit. Why? The risks of contamination and impairment of health increase considerably when you do this kind of thing. Among the most common problems are those that affect primarily the skin and eyes.

Transmitted Diseases to borrow makeup

A harmless Act, as share a lipstick, pencils or mascara can offer serious health risks. Infectious diseases are transmitted, especially when there is some kind of injury to the skin. Beware: the main villains in this scenario are the sponges and brushes.


The Folliculitis is one of the diseases that can be easily transmitted through sharing of makeup. It is caused by a bacterium and is presented by rashes, ery similar to the antibiotic. What form of transmission? When a woman with acne, pass the base on your face and then borrow the sponge to your friend, it can transmit the disease.


Another very common disease that is transmitted to borrow makeup is conjunctivitis, that is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes (conjunctiva) .

The symptoms are: red eyes, swollen eyelids, itching and secretions. If the woman use the eyeliner, eyeshadow or eyeliner and then lend them, she could transmit the viral infection.


Among the diseases that can be transmitted, we also have herpes, an infectious disease that presents itself through lesions that form on the lips. Women who share the same lipstick, can suffer with the appearance of this disease.

Contamination of any disease by sharing, not get instantly. It is possible that women make up at the beauty parlor, stay beautiful all night, and the next day only to realize that you’re with a swelling in the eye.

Ways to prevent contamination

1 – store your products in a clean environment.

2 – do not store your makeup with items that make it the easiest contamination, like money and documents.

3-time makeup, avoid the sponges because they accumulate bacteria. Choose by brushes.

4 – to keep your brushes are contaminated, wash them every 15 days. Use neutral shampoo and do not let the water drain into the bristles. Let the dry items horizontally.

5 – If you’re going to make up in the lounge and don’t trust the products that will be used, take the brushes or even your own makeup .

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