Colorful but Not Cheap-iPhone 5c

The rumored kitchen was once again right: The iPhone 5C comes. What hardly anyone has suspected: It will replace the iPhone 5 completely-because the 5C has at least as much if not more to offer.

Colorful Design

It will be colorful and bangling. The iPhone 5C comes in a total of five colors on the market: green, white, blue, red (well, almost pink) and yellow. The unibody housing is made of polycarbonate, the front is made of a glass multitouch level. “Iiih, Plastik!” Will probably say one or the other now. But Apple promises: Such a high-quality plastic we have never seen.Well, we have to convince ourselves. Nice gimmick: The screen backgrounds are color-matched to the respective case color.

The Better Iphone 5 (?)

No, we can not complain. The 4-inch display has a retina resolution (as in the iPhone 5), the built-in A6 processor is exactly the same as in the iPhone 5. The rear camera shoots photos with 8 megapixels and uses-hardly surprising-the same lens as in the IPhone 5. Do you slowly recognize a pattern?

Then let’s be surprised: the 1.2 megapixel front camera is somewhat better than the iPhone 5. Also the battery has got an upgrade-up to 250 hours of standby time. And the LTE chip is a lot more powerful than the predecessor iPhone.

Beautiful new feature: With FaceTime the iPhone 5C now also pure audio calls are possible.

Price And Release

Just like the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C can be pre-ordered from September 13th and will be available in Germany from September 20th. There will be two variants:

16 GB: 599 euros

32 GB: 699 euros

Well, some had probably hoped for a slightly lower price. On the other hand, this model is by no means cheap. Is the price justified? What do you say? Share your opinion with ElectronicsEncyclopedia!

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