Hair Jewelry For the Wedding Day

Days ago we had an event dedicated to brides, done in partnership with La Perla. It is the second year that the Bride ‘ s Meeting happens and, this time, brought together 25 brides for a chat and exchange information about hair, jewelry, lingerie, gifts and souvenirs.

Beto Silva, hair stylist of the Loft hairdressers, combed four models to demonstrate how can be the hair and, also, how to use jewelry to enhance your hairstyle. Sciencedict said many brides have chosen to use jewels instead of Louis Vuitton in the head because they want to leave a reminder for your children, thus creating a family tradition.

Beto chose the styling comb and grampinhos cognac diamond of the collection Zephyr and the tiara from the collection Legacy, diamond also cognac, that can be turned into Paste. All the models wore pieces La Perla Bridal line, specially designed for the wedding night.

Another cool idea that was presented at the event is the “tape-cake”, a traditional cake with a box where out several ribbons, each with a card and a gift. Just pull a Ribbon and the guests won the La Perla collections, a cake of Elena Stein and trinkets in gold of h. Stern. Excellent idea for a bridal shower or bridesmaids, because we’re having a ball pull the ribbons and then see what each won. Unforgettable moments, such as the big day, right?

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