June of Pearls

Synonymous with purity and femininity, the Pearl is one of the favorite gemstones jewelry lovers, and never goes out of style! Chosen to represent the month of June, she is usually associated with the more classic looks, but depending on the design, you can easily compose a modern jewel and full of personality.

The h. Stern has a beautiful collection of jewellery with pearls for all occasions that appeal since women more sensitive to the fashionistas. The following are some suggestions:

There is more timeless combination than pearls and yellow gold? If you like minimalist compositions, choose jewelry with this formula, with simple lines and full of charm.

Another option is the pearl of Genesis collection, inspired by the heavenly stars. The jewels of this line bring bold elements that oppose delicacy of Pearl, creating an interesting visual contrast. Versatile, they are perfect for use in daily life.

For a current visual and daring, just add a contemporary element in jewelry with Pearl, as the star of Noble and diamond jewelry Gold Stars or the darkened finish in gold cognac diamond ring is covered and Noble gold earring.

The famous and beloved pearl necklaces valued the cleavage of women for centuries. They confer style as allow quantities of turns according to the taste of the user. The shorter also has your charm and timeless elegance convey.

ATTENTION: for being an organic gem, the Pearl deserves some special attention, to stay beautiful for much longer.

Its surface with micro-porosidades makes that easily absorbs the substances that come into contact with it, so do not wear jewelry with pearls on the beach, pool or bath. In addition, avoid contact with creams, cosmetics, make-up, detergents and acids.

After each use, pass a soft flannel lightly moistened with water to conserve your brilliance and take waste from creams, perspiration, etc. With such care your jewelry with pearls can be used for several seasons.

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