Louis Vuitton Necklaces

Jewelry Accessories are charming by the beauty and quality of the material. But this time what will make you be charmed by chains and bracelets is a much bigger cause behind the production: the conflict in Syria. “Silver Lockit” has won until the famous!

Conceived by Unicef-United Nations Children’s Fund – the kit, which was named “Silver Lockit” has a very noble goal: Help the refugee children of Syria to have a dignified life.

With the sale of the kit or parts separately, Unicef can bolster daily small and provide all the necessary support for that exceed this situation so traumatic. See MustownJewelry.com for various types of jewelry necklaces.

Louis Vuitton was responsible for the creation of the pieces after receiving the project, and since then personalities with influence on different audiences have supported the project and helped in the dissemination of your campaign.



The complete kit costs 4,000 .00 R$, of which about R$650,00 are donated to the institution, and the rest covers the price of raw materials, labor, transport, dissemination among other common expenses.

Despite not being a very affordable for most people, the cause can be adopted by everyone, after all disclosure is a free and quick to do the campaign and reach parts who can contribute by purchasing parts, either in kit or separately.

“Make a promise”

“Make a promise”:this is the hashtag used to publicize the parts and the campaign, using it to talk about it or post your photo with the necklace or bracelet, you join a network of supporters of this cause. In addition, unite the pinkies, whether your own or your and a friend, is the body symbolism used to demonstrate the promise of helping Syrian children.

Where to find?

The pieces are on sale in the shops of Louis Vuitton, both physical as online, click here to access the site.

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