The Ideal Bag for Every Body Type

Time to go shopping, you know what to take into account when you’re buying a bag? Without doubt, that ensure the your shape, size, color and quality of the materials. It is essential that the bag is versatile and suited to your lifestyle, but also to your body type, height and weight.

According to bittranslators, another important factor is the way you should use mail, in order to enhance your body biotype. Review the parts of the body to which you want to add volume, as is the case of who’s got the shoulders narrower than the hips or who would like to have more curves. The first step is to identify your body type.

In addition, if it is lean and low avoid large bags and if it is high or have a weight above the ideal for your time opt for medium-sized or large bags, as this should be proportional to your silhouette.

Body Pear

If you have hips wider than shoulders, so try not to add more volume to the bottom of the body. Prefer handbags or to stay above the hip area, in order to balance the silhouette. Avoid, so bags in tow or to finish in the hip area, because it will increase the horizontal line and draw attention to this area of the body.

Inverted Triangle Body

If you have the shoulders wider than your hips, then you must use bags at the hips to create the illusion of more curves and balance the silhouette. Invest in geometric models or with details to create volume at the bottom of the body. Avoid bags under their arms or backpacks, since it will draw attention to your shoulders.

Column body or rectangle

If the shoulders and the hips are aligned, the more likely it is to not have a waist too marked. To add more curves to your body prefer bags with a rounded shape, and use them together at the waist, avoiding the rectangular models. The suitcases in tow or used the middle of the arm are ideal for those who have this type of body.

Oval Body

If you already have a curvy body or a weight above the ideal for your height, then balance the silhouette with structured bags and rectangular models, contrasting with the shape of your body. Prefer models of medium or large size, proportionate to the size of your silhouette. Avoid bags round and used next to the hip area, since it will highlight this area, as well as very small models (mini bags), because it will highlight even more the volume of the body.

Hourglass Body

For the shoulders and hips aligned, with a defined waist, the good news is that you can use any type of bag. Just avoid very large bags, as these will add more volume to the body, especially if it is too thin or too low.

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