Tips in Time to Wear a Colored Sandal

Choosing the right shoe for the clothes that you are at the moment is something very important. A rule to overcome said they should always match the color of the clothes that you wear, and today, the biggest concern is more on that model in itself. The proof that we are talking about are colored sandals are a super trend, especially in the summer when the colors gain greater prominence.

Out of the comfort zone of the femmes that combine black with every color of clothing, is a form of dare and look better on the street. Some tips are available at on how to use the colors in sandals and how to combine them.

Have Security on your feet

It does not help you come up with that beautiful sandals and colorful, but I didn’t feel safe in parade with her around. Many women are still a little insecure in bet on colors for your shoes, and these are perfect bets when the combination is ideal. The problem is that not everyone for a bit to read about the trend and especially, puts the good sense to work more and see that such combination is perfect or not.

If you don’t feel completely safe in use a sandal super red, or green, or that beautiful bright yellow, continue betting on neutral tones or go doing that change slowly. Can’t go around stomping without firmness and hiding the beauty of a multicolor sandal or most striking colors.

Basic combination: Shoe color and Neutral Clothing

For you that part fits into the Group of women that quote above, but wants and will bet on a color sandal, the best tip is to always combine with a more neutral-coloured clothes. Combine colorful sandal with colored clothing will need you indeed have custom with the style and if you are betting now, the most basic is the ideal combination to start.

Then colors like black, white, beige, Brown, jeans and others that are part of the wardrobe of our day to day as key parts, are ideal combinations for that color sandal. Of course, with the exception of black and white, you still have to give that analyzed to see if the shoe House with clothes. It is also important to analyze the model, since it also needs is combining with the color of your sandal.

Dangerous combination: Colorful Shoe and Clothes Emblazoned

The scare already stamped clothing a bit for nature because we must know how to choose well the piece, otherwise she may end up with your look. Combine any accessory with printed clothes is very dangerous because you should know what you’re going to do. In the case of shoes the rule also. The first rule is to always follow the same color that stands out in print, that way you will continue your standard visual and not cause any weirdness in people that look for your combination.

The second rule is to use the shoe in any hue of the pattern, but in this case you should pay attention to the first rule. If the chosen color, even though in your clothes, do not combine with the other most prominent color in print, the shoe will let your visual strange. This second rule should be taken into account for pieces of prints more discreet and in a few different tones, or those that form a gradient of one color only in darker and lighter shades.

The third rule to combine colorful printed clothes shoes is the famous color block in which case you should know the combination you are doing is correct. You can, for example, combine a pink print with a blue shoe, a dress in green with a pink shoe or even yellow and other combinations in this style. Always colors in opposite tones, but that clash in a harmonious way.

Choose the right model for each color

Imagine you putting a yellow sandals with a piece of clothing for that super jump? It will definitely cause a strange image in your look and make you take the choice. As the sandal is colorful, know that she’s going to draw a little more attention then you should choose the model. More Sandals flats are suitable for most occasions “light”, where do not require that super production, are for moments of leisure. You can also use at work, but in this case avoid the open sandals and pass a more informal image.

To those more elaborate productions, continue seeking a colourful sandal heels even though he is not the greatest. In this case you can opt for more open sandals and mainly for those models of multicolored strips.

Combinations for different types of Colors

I still don’t quite know how to combine same colored Sandals after all these tips? So we chose the most popular tones and some tips infallible combination for each of them. Let’s see.

  • Sandal Blue:this color until recently wasn’t very popular, but until today no one questioned the reason for it. As the trends change, the blue sandals are increasingly bullish and you can combine them beautifully with different types and colors of clothes. Neutral tones fall very well for this sandal color, particularly if your blue is the more flashy. If you prefer stronger colors, red is the tone that best House with a blue sandal, then let’s have the yellow and pink.
  • Red Sandal:following the reverse line, if the blue sandals combine best with red clothes, then the reverse is also true. Red is a very strong and compelling for so if you watch out for the model of your sandal to be smashing right.
  • Sandal Yellow:yellow is the highest trend for summer and if you live in warmer regions, you can bet that color without fear during the whole year. You have two options to make the combination of yellow sandals and will depend on the intent of your look. If you want a stylish look, opt for pieces in more neutral colors and the reverse, for occasions that call for a more relaxed look, the combination of yellow sandals with blue and orange is ideal.
  • Orange Sandal:as well as the following is an example of yellow color which transmits heat, so you can abuse a lot noverão. She combines better with black and Navy Blue.
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