10 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home and Maintain Discipline

Note: these are suggestions, not a manual to be followed.

The idea is to untangle them, facilitate, “take the start” to have the practice of yoga in your daily lives, and not engessa him.

Adopt the tips feel that will help in this regard.

  1. Don’t have expectations.

Most of the time we can’t start a practice at home because we have organized more. We figured we should practice for 1 hour to get results, run to perfection the techniques or repeat the class as we learned with instructors. In fact, the importance and this effect in maintaining often in practice. To this end we should start with for as long as possible and with the techniques you’ve mastered, “basic” or “Advanced”. Yoga is a path, is day after day is mostly attitude, presence, self-observation, ownership and responsibility in actions and thoughts while we practice.

  1. Introduce yourself to meditate

Book a time to distance himself from the mental junkie, compulsive thoughts and conditioned to perceive, to meditate, to depart from the Whirlpool Galaxy caused by hurricane that keeps us asleep ourselves.

Start even with 1 minute, 1 x day. after a few days, pass for 5 minutes and increase as you feel it will be possible to maintain.

Determine location, time of day. Create a ritual.

Ex: wake up, take a shower, do some asanas and sit down to meditate.

Here the frequency and consistency is more important than the time of meditation. Has as objective to meditate upon waking and before bed.

There is a need to stop, to silence. Silence in himself in order to ascend our inner universe, get in touch with himself and renew.

Pass the act according to what you really have to do with our essence, and not act only in social conditioning.

  1. Set time and real time available.

Which the period/time of day, how many times a week, days of the week and time available for practice, but is flexible, it is not always possible to keep the same routine, prepare for other possibilities.

  1. Choose an area

Note that a spacious, full of Eves, silent and with a proper lighting will be difficult to achieve in our smaller houses and with so much and people at the same time, but don’t worry, this is not essential. Have a corner, even one that you have to drag a mobile to open a space enough for a mat, but that is always the same, makes it easy to have discipline.

  1. It is interesting to get a mat , in addition to dampen your body against the ground, works as a mobile environment to practise in parks, travel, beach … anyway.
  2. Start with asanas more simpleto mastering the technique of gradually and be able to move forward without risk of damage or even discouraged to continue by not being able to perform
  3. Have ready practice sequences and train for a few weeks before starting new sequence.
  4. Determine a time for each Asana.
  5. Think of practicing a kind of pranayama specific per month, to feel effects, internalize the technique, feel what pranayama you prefer.
  6. Better a simple but steady practice that another very elaborate, but difficult to perform. In fact, constancy is key, it takes practice to walk the path of yoga is of liberation. Yoga is a philosophy of practical life, no progress only with theories.
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