3 Types of Men’s Bags for the Day to Day

There are accessories that are used only with increased clothes, an aesthetic option to add some style to your everyday outfit, but when it comes to men’s handbags we simple adornment to a piece that, for many men, plays a key role in everyday life.

The diversity of existing models currently meets the different requirements, but I think the real models 3 Jokers when it comes to personal goods transport and to choose between one of them all will depend on your style and the type of objects that load.


In most cases the backpack is the first bag to accompany the man in your daily journey, after all it is the most popular way to bring school supplies. But it doesn’t stop there, the play with good ergonomics is comfortable, can carry a lot of weight and is without prejudice to the back of your user.

Photographers have their big backpacks because many of them are allies, forced to carry a considerable amount of work, reported by ARISTMARKETING. Due to these needs there are now models with special enclosures that accommodate perfectly cameras, lenses and flashes, among others, and you can even change your configuration to adapt to the type of equipment of each professional.

The material of the bags may vary according to your function, some of them, suitable for sports, are made of super tough, waterproof nylon, other, more rustic-looking canvas, has a casual style and young, are more elegant leather and go well with a suit more lined, but still little formal. In recent times has stood the templates that mix materials, leaving the more original and non-standard, but no less cool!


2-postman Bag

We talked briefly about her story in this post, but it is impossible to talk about men’s bags without mentioning the Mailman. Its practicality and your visual stripped the man at the beginning of the 21st century, making it a success.

The postman is ideal for use in work or study, as long as you don’t have to carry heavy equipment, but she gives an account of notebooks, tablets, cameras, laptops and smartphones, namely all those little gadgets you can’t live without, moreover, notebooks, documents, books, magazines and newspapers are easily accommodated through technological paraphernalia. My favorite models are those that already comes with a detachable sleeve to accommodate the notebook, allowing protect the appliance far from the bag.

Another strong point of the postman is the easy access to your content, because the opening tab located in a practical location and the possibility of being used with the handle on the shoulder or across a complicated operation is not required to take or put any material within it.

The style of postman, although informal, enables your use with social attire, but in this case she is leather and with few details, handbags in nylon, canvas or even jeans are better for anyone who adopts a casual/sport style.


3-Holdall Bag-the handbag

Preferred by men working in a little more formal environment that prefer your charming style to air Stern Executive folder, the male handbag in some cases can come together with a handle that facilitates your use, releasing the hand carried to other functions, because the piece can be worn on the shoulder as the postman. The existing models will thin with space for a laptop, magazines and documents, the more parrudas that allow you to take a little bit of everything, from business cards to a semi-professional camera, catalogues or heavy books.

The black leather model is elegant enough to be used with a look suit, purses made with fake leather (also known as eco-leather) has a satisfying, but not too refined and may face problems of structure, assuming the desired rectangle format. The nylon bags of this type are widely used in academia because they accommodate fine clothes and other accessories for the practice of sports, however seem to many distant visually in leather, showing how the holdall bags can be versatile.

Tips for buying

-When buying your purse pay attention to inner space, see if it meets your needs;

-Partitions can help you separate your belongings and organize everything in order to leave the objects the hand;

-A space especially designed for notebook is always welcome;

– Check that the latches are practical to open and close, do the same test with zipers;

-Attention to internal and external finishing, i.e. seams, fabrics, rivets and tags;

– See if the handle has a setting that suits your height;

-Find out what the warranty offered by the manufacturer, the Nordweg, whose products appear above, is for life!

-In the case of the bag, in addition to the tips above, see if she has good ergonomics, comfortable handles and sturdy material;

-Internal and external Pockets will help you save, cell phones, pens, USB sticks, handkerchiefs, cash and other offal, avoiding that the purse be messy;

-The design also counts for a lot, how much more beautiful and smart, best to use and combine with your clothes.

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