About Sleeping Bags and Brazilians

In other countries, Brazilians, we have a lot of fame(partygoers, happy, we play soccer, etc). In the colder places we have yet another fame, well illustrated in a situation experienced in travel:

It was in the Chilean Patagonia, in Punta Arenas. I was going to camp in Torres del Paine Park . Even in summer, at night the expected temperature was about zero degree celsius. I went to rent a sleeping bag. Here at Sleepingbagsexpo.com you can get more different models of the sleeping bags. There are several equipment rental shops. I went through some researching. At the time did not understand very well on the subject, but the bags vary in levels of “warmth”.

Well, there was only one kind of bag in a store. The price was good and wanted to rent. Until the store woman asked me where I was from. When she said that she was Brazilian, she said:

“Then this bag is not hot enough for you.” I will not rent it for a Brazilian, you die of cold.

And he did not rent me.

Yes, we are cold… Also with this winter at 32C, warmer than the European summer this year, who does not get cold when the temperature drops to less than 20C?

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