An Exclusive Thank You for Mother’s Day

Love mothers,

Today we have something very special for you! For today is your day – Mother’s Day!

A day when we show you how much we like you and how much we appreciate you. A day to say thank you! For always being there for your children and helping with advice and deeds when they need your help. For your support, every encouraging word, and every comforting embrace. For all those sleepless nights that you selflessly sacrificed when your children were small. For your support during school – whether it be homework or when you have to give comfort. And the children are fast, but the worries are not less. When the offspring come home late at night, the wait has cost you countless hours of sleep. If the excerpt is still there, and you suddenly separate more than a corridor, the release is difficult.

Your mothers do incredible things – no matter how big your children are! We would like to give you something very special for Mother’s Day. A jewelery set from the Danish trend brand our site, which will make you shine. The exclusive set is currently only available with us and a true rarity. We are giving away three our site Agnethe jewelery sets consisting of a necklace with pearl pendant, a gold bracelet of polished stainless steel and earrings with a gilded chalice holding a pearl. With glittering glass stones and pearls, this high-quality jewelry set is the perfect companion for special occasions and events. Thanks to its timeless design, it fits to women of all ages.

And so you can participate in the Mother’s Day competition:
Please write an e-mail with the subject “Muttertags-Gewinnspiel” to our site, in which you answer the following question: What do you most like to be a mother?

With luck, you can be one of three Exclusive jewelry sets. * We keep our fingers crossed and wish you a wonderful remaining Mother’s Day!

* Terms of Participation for the Mother’s Day Contest: To participate in the contest, an e-mail with the keyword “Muttertags-Gewinnspiel” must be sent to the e-mail address our site. Please let us know your address in the e-mail, so that we can send the prices by mail after completing the competition. In addition, you should tell us what you particularly value in being a mother. The closing date is 17.05.2015. Among all the e-mails we send, we will give 3 our site jewelery sets worth 199 € each. The lot decides. Employees of Our site our site are not allowed to participate. The winnings cannot be paid in cash. The legal process is excluded. Participation and registration, automated participations and multiple participations are excluded. The winner will be notified by e-mail after the draw. Your data will be treated confidentially and stored for the purpose of completing the contest. After completing the raffle, your data will be deleted.

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