Apps for Your Pedal

With the popularization of smartphones, new applications are launched every day. Just a search on the internet to know the programs that turbinam the phone and turns it into a real tool to increase the pedals.

Whether for the Android system, Blackberry, Nokia, Apple and so on, there are a multitude of applications, free or paid. There is a wide variety of tasks, from true training centers, tour guides, GPS navigators and even maintenance guides.


One of the most successful software among bikers is the Strava. It is a social network that adds the facilities of a training program, a GPS tracker with the possibility of sharing this data directly on the site. The Strava records all pedals and training parameters, such as heart rate, path, altimetry, speed, time, distance, etc. The difference lies in being able to compare your data with other members of the community, compete with each other and post the results on Twitter and Facebook, and follow other people and see what they are doing.

Another interesting tool is the “Segments”, which allows you to choose any stretch – a climb, for example – to compare the time of each one in that stretch, creating a kind of ranking for everyone who passes that route. The application download is free, but site usage is limited, with the right to register up to five workouts per month, but access to some functions is restricted. The Premium plan costs $ 59 a year and gives you full access to interesting training tools such as heart rate, strength and average lift velocity (VAM), athlete’s age and weight ratings, and so on.

Sports Tracker

More widespread in Brazil, the application is even used by professional cyclists such as André Pulini, from the Americana team, who has been using the application since December 2011 and shares daily workouts on Facebook, a social network that integrates all users of the application.

Sports Tracker has existed since 2004 and was created by former employees of Finnish Nokia, one of the pioneers in GPS applications for mobile phones.

The free program – for iPhone, Android, Windows and Nokia – records data such as speed, pedaling time, distance, altitude gain and heart rate. The cyclist can even take pictures of the route and post instantly, and even share the music that has been heard.


Developed by three Danish friends, the Edmondo is very widespread among Europeans and brings some of the facilities offered by Strava. The updates are immediate, just go out to train and turn on the device so that your activity is updated instantly highlighted on the cover on the site.

The ranking of community members is also updated at all times. The application records the speed, distance, course and calories and generates audible warning for each kilometer traveled. It also gives instant messaging while pedaling with friends in the community and challenges friends to a virtual “crack” in a certain stretch.

The basic plan is free, but there is also the option of an annual plan for $ 39 that offers a more elaborate follow-up of the training of each biker.

Garmin Fit – Ios And Android – $ 1

Developed by the famous brand of GPS devices, the application records the instantaneous speed, the distance traveled, the route and the calories.

Cyclemeter – Ios And Android – $ 2.99

Very complete and versatile, the Cyclemeter won the award for best Apple health and fitness application in 2011. It shows and records all the important information of a pedaling with the help of GPS. To turn on or pause the system, simply touch the screen or the headset remote control. With the adapter (Wahoo Fitness) also marks the cadence of the pedaling. You can share your trainings directly on the social network using Twitter or Facebook and compete against yourself or with friends who use the app, download tracks from Google Maps, display the results on different types of graphics and more.

Imapmyride – Ios, Blackberry And Android – Free

It has enough fans in Brazil and also works as a social network where you can share the training by email, Twitter or Facebook. The data can also be transferred to the site – much like Edmondo, by the way – for comparison among community members.

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