Awesome Lingeries to Destroy at Carnival!

Month of carnival is month of revelry here in Dajo!And to show you how much lingerie has to do with this special celebration in our country, we put together a fun rehearsal!Ready ?!GO!!!

  1. SUMMER is heat season, beach and good drinks! This year, the sensation was the pineapple, that’s right ” la pinã”!A fruit so delicious that inspired the most diverse audiences to adhere to it as a trend!We’ve seen everything, t-shirts, bags and even buoys, and to tell you the truth, we’re in love right ?!
  2. Why be a star when it can be CONSTELLATION ?!That’s it, we women need to take on more and more our GIRL POWER side, because if there’s one thing that we women can, it’s POWER!One click of that powerful body!
  3. Damn your loka, we came to SAVE YOU !!The time has passed when modeling lingerie was made in basic colors, the tendency is more and more bright colors and in outfits that can be used on display!There’s our retro body that will not let us lie!
  4. To inspire our side that since childhood already plans the wedding of dreams (who never is!), A modern and sensual, with that touch of elegance!The time has come for you to tip your foot in that old gown!
  5. Come on, boys!Here’s another modeling lingerie that will make all the difference in your wardrobe!We already talked about the benefits of the modeling belt HERE, but the novelty now is the COLORS, yes!Goodbye beige and black!RED is the new nude!
  6. That body that is perfect by itself, just throw a jeans and a leaping, ready!Versatile lingerie is like that, shovel pum!
  7. Some take one rabbit out of a top hat, others a “big cat”!Our powerful magic with Body Shape, a modeling lingerie that squeezes 3x more with a thinner 3x fabric!Envelope mode on!
  8. “Good Morning Angels!” From angel, sweet, cute and a little bit abused!A white lingerie is an essential part of our lives and, between us, is the favorite color of THEM!Detail in our half-cup bra TODO in lace, the type of bra without bulge that brings you the same effects of a bra with bulge!You can trust!
  9. Rawwwwr! Our powerful OZ with that push-up bra needed, in that animal print MUSA print ,  Great option to get out of the basics, right?!
  10. The saying goes: “Man does not live only in kindness!”If this is true we do not know, but that this sweater is a danger, this is it!The Ministry of Health warns: Sensual lingerie is the only investment back IMMEDIATE!
  11. Batman, take care of yourself, because our Catwoman is there to show the one who came!A click of Our Cropped all in lace, perfect for powerful “sleep” or to sweep through the night!We love a black cat (nothing basic)!
  12. STOP RIGHT THERE!Our police officer ARRAZÍNI with that MODELING TAPE made for you to wear ABOVE THE CLOTHES (what?)!That’s right girls!There is living proof that we can model our corpitcho and still be fashionable!
  13. WONDERWOMAN!The lingerie made for all of us women warriors, hardworking and powerful!Believe me, we are stronger than we can imagine!Our wonder woman ravishing with the darling Push Up Darling Bra, in that most gorgeous red valentino of LIFE!
  14. To put your chest in the air, our aviator features SUTIÃ DAYSE, Dajo’s most beloved bra, sales car, gorgeous, sexy, elegant and PERFECT!Yes, few things in life are perfect, but when it comes to bra, the Dayse is!
  15. Let’s Party, Let’s Pool Party!Our #poolpartygirl wears the Delila Bra, which like all other Dajo Intimates created, is made in American bowls, that is, a measure in the breast and another in the back, to give you that perfect trim!And yet, it has REINFORCED side!It’s girls, all in all, I think all our bras are perfect!Lol
  16. Our fucking passing to show you the POWER that is this body!A sensual lingerie (as you may notice), but that would fall nicely into the makeup of a night look, how to resist people?!
  17. Brown is one of the colors that will come with everything in the fall/winter, and to not let us lie, there’s our triangle bra in this super cool color!The sertanejos that take care…
  18. Yes, the touchy deserves a second standout, both because of the fringed lingerie and the MODELING TAPE! Because a LOOK is a LOOK, ne mores?!
  19. To make your day more sweet, our tutu unicorn! Owwwwnnn!! This baby pink tone is too sweet, right ?! And girls, focus on the Bra Dayse, yes! It has colorful versions too! Did you notice that all the looks have the delicate and stylish touch of the half trawler? Well, we love this fishnet trend so much that we update all of our physical store inventory for you!

Your look will not be embarrassing just because you did not find the pantyhose in your city!Call us on whatsapp (47) 991938366 that we send her to where you are, that EVERYTHING right?!

And girls, we confess!The rehearsal was a lot of fun to do, but sharing our ideas with our readers/clients is an immense pleasure, we hope you have enjoyed every detail, everything was done with much love and affection for our #EquipeDajo!

Ahhhhh, some of the pieces shown here are available on our website ( our site) and, if you do not find them, you can ask for our whatsapp (47) 991938366 we sent you!

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