Blue Colour and Its Shades

The blue and its wonderful shades immediately recall the majesty of the sea.Let’s see how to bring a little piece, on our eyes.

Just a few days at the end of your holidays and already feel the nostalgia of the long days at sea? How about to realize, that remember its wonderful colors with me, a make-up?

I assure you it will be easy to achieve, but certainly of effect!

  1. As a first step, we give depth to the eye with a dark blue (Eyeshadow Compact # 42 of Makeup Studios) defining the fold, the outer corner of the upper eyelashes and rhyme.
  2. To give light on the entire eyelid apply a brilliant blue (Eyeshadow Compact # 41 of Makeup Studios).
  3. At the corner interior, however, as a light and touch of color, apply a green (Eyeshadow Compact # 43 of Makeup Studios) sfumandolo well together to create a perfect blue gradient effect.
  4. As always, the last step of the make-up is dedicated to light points below the brow with a dull butter-colored (Butterflyof Snow Cosmetics), the application of mascara ( I love Extreme of Essence ) and the drafting a green pencil ( Extra Color pencil # 11 emerald green of Labo Make-up) in the inner rim of the eye.
  5. For the face, we make a very light basis, correcting the discoloration of dark circles with an illuminating concealer (Stay all day concealer # 02of Essence), applying a red blush (Compact Blush #red of NYX) and a pinch of illuminating ( etoile of Snow Cosmetics).
  6. very last touch of color we take it to his lips, applying a strawberry red lipstick (Performing Lip Color # 030of TNS) smooth, creamy finish.

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself still immersed in the beautiful blue waters of our country… just a little! 😉

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