Children’s Party Festa: How to Organize?

Pajama party is not really a Brazilian costume. We migrated this trend of North American movies but because of the fun, it was so successful that even under the age of five want to participate in one. The proposal is simpler than the original model: everyone go in pajamas to enjoy a common party, just as you would organize another type of party Need music, eat and drink and there are simple formats that allow you to organize one even for the Next weekend without any stress.
There are some possible formats for this type of event. One of them is the children’s pajama party by day, just changing the costume. It is very similar to an ordinary party but everyone should come in their nightclothes, at least the kids. It can be made at home even or party hall or even at school to unite the classmates without problems with parents’ schedule.
Already the model for over seven years and American style is at night, the children go to their house to sleep and a whole structure must be prepared both of who receives and who sends the child. For sleep, no more than 10 children are indicated depending on the environment and the number of adults for supervision.
How to organize?
Your first step is to decide whether it will be a party only by day or bedtime. Set a date for parents to stay calm and comfortable for their daily routine, so Friday or Saturday nights are best thinking with this focus. The routine of parents and school, if it is in space, can not be modified by the event, so set a comfortable schedule. A party at playtime at school is always a good request. It’s a controlled environment, the party happens by day and the kids love the novelty of going to school. Another cool tip is a themed party hall party . Even parents will love the dispensation of the fancy formality of small clothes in exchange for pajamas.
. Check ahead – at least 15 days . Organizing the schedule of children’s events for some parents is very costly. Check ahead, especially if it involves sleeping in your home and getting ready for it.
. Snacks for the pajama party – as it is a pre-bed party, it is ideal to think of light snacks. They can have salty and sweet as in a traditional and traditional party you would make for birthday, but be careful not to be too heavy or too sweet and disrupt the children’s sleep.
. Lembrancinhas – can have? Every party has and some parents do not give up using all their imagination to create cool souvenirs like mini pillows, sleeping mask and others. The more different your recollection is and the more the subject is better. It can be a kit with toothbrush and children’s folder, a mini sheet, among others. Think about it carefully.
Decorating tips
Pajama party does not need a pompous decoration, but everything related to the theme ‘sleeping’ will be welcome, such as themed mats, decorated mini pillows, small printed owls or cardboard, among others. The more connected to the theme the better and has a lot of cool and easy to find.
Children’s pajama party jokes
As it is not a child’s birthday party, play can be freer, even better if the little ones go to sleep in your house and need to spend a little energy to sleep early. One of the best amusements with children united at the same age is still the cinema. A movie session with popcorn, juices or soft drinks and the movie of the moment will catch the attention of the little ones for at least an hour and a half. Other suggestions of jokes are:
. Storytelling – A parent, educator or even children can come together to tell stories. They can read a book together or each child creates a part of the story as the spinning wheel walks on the adventure. They may be horror stories, but depending on age, nothing to stop the dream of the little ones.
. What is the song? – one of the little ones should hum a song without lyrics and the others should guess who sings or what music it is. Whoever pays pays a gift.
. Who am I? – with gestures children should imitate a known character. It can be drawing, artists who enjoy or even one another for others to guess.
. Makeup – buy some anti-allergy makeup items and let the girls use them at will. Just supervise to avoid accidents or stains on the house and clothing.
Want more ideas for jokes and activities to do at a girls pajama party? Check it:
Pajama party invitations
The most important information of the invitation for children’s pajama party are:day and place, venue and theme of the party . Make it clear that this is a pajama party and it does not cost anything to inform when delivering or sending the invitation that is a themed party. In fact children are not forced to go in costumes, but it’s much cooler when the little one goes and the kids even enjoy it. As some parents are sure to want to buy new pajamas, let everyone know that they will. They also wear slippers and even your decorated pillow to get into the mood of the event.
Pajama night at school
The sleeping pattern is the most common. Many parents are slow to accept the idea of ​​the child sleeping outside, but think of a night of learning and detachment from the child. At some point she needs to sleep alone, does not she? It does not have to be so soon, but such parties help in maturing the little one in a way you can not imagine. But if it’s organized by the school there’s not much to fear.
The owners of the institution and those in charge of the party know everything they need to make the party legal and care for the little ones. Perhaps the children are much better cared for than their neighbor who has no children. Experience in caring for children that teachers and principals have enough account in the curriculum for a safe party.
When sending your child to a night of pajamas at school have some care. One is to send in extra pajamas. Kids, you know, accidents are common and they can get dirty. Leave in your backpack your personal hygiene items marked with the child’s name and always a pair of extra clothes thinking about possible accidents.
Does she eat anything special? Put your food in the bag and make it easy for those responsible to read if there is any allergy. When delivering the child is always good to warn if there is any allergy, some special care as the little one can not wash their hair before bed or something that is not part of the child’s diet.

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