Customized Picture Frames for You

In addition to decorate, the photo frames can protect your photos or pictures. You can customize your products, since the online shops offer this kind of service.

Photos, pictures give life to the environment. To save them, use ready-made frames. The structures have different types of finishes with thick or thinner edges, which are available in various colors.

The lovers of more sober tones, is to bet on white frames, black, gray and brown. Now, if you like accent pieces, choose the colors red, gold, pink, yellow and green. All these options are available with overwhelming prices.

Here you also find a wide range of sizes of ready frames, so that it is easier to find a compatible product with your photo, or engraving. The frames are available also with glass options that protect the decorative piece, increasing its useful life. In fact, to save the frame longer, you need to remove dust and clean the glass with the help of cloth moistened with alcohol.

Quick and easy assembly

To put your picture, picture in the frame, just select the picture in appropriate size. Then lift the internal flexible clamps the frame and remove the protective background. Then, attach the image and replace the background. Finally, reattach the flexible jaws and hang your decorative piece.

Service of customize

The online shop has the service of customizing in all its stores.  You take your picture or photo to one of our units so that one of our experts customizes your piece according to your need.

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