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2013/2014 Fitness Fashion Trends

Currently a fitness wave been infecting thousands of people who are modifying their lifestyles to anything but healthy and deeply, starting with the insertion of physical activity in your day to day to attend gym or practice any outdoor exercise is I need a l ook suitable. And when it comes to fashion, not important if you’re going to get out, work or simply working out, women always care. So, check out the trends in fitness fashion to 2013/2014:

One of the most used parts for women in time to work out are the leggings. Some people still prefer the simpler models, smooth pants in black, Navy Blue and grey, however, many women are surrendering to the tendency of patterned leggings.This fad is already making the biggest success in the academies. There are several designs to choose from, such as floral, Leopard, snake, stripes, abstract artwork, among others.

This bet also applies to jumpsuits, which replace the combination of leggings and shirt. And by this piece, you can use it alone or, to be more comfortable with a tank top or t-shirt over fluffy. The jumpsuits may have long legs, the knees or even serve in bermuda.

In addition to the leggings in suplex stamped other material also has made success, which is a metallic-looking, shiny lycra according to RECIPESINTHEBOX. They are being heavily used, especially in vibrant colors, such as pink, lime green, turquoise and orange. When you opt for a balance of those legging look using blouse and lisa with printed top or vice versa.

The sneakers are now also under the sight of trends. You can even invest in a good, traditional tennis white/black, but to get into the fashion of the academies, the cool thing is to bet on a super model, neon colored, as the same used in metallic pants. If you need to work out, what’s in style, isn’t it?

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