How to Clean the Thermos New?

This Tip Can Also Be Used for the Old Thermos.

A thermos new manufacturing residue as the smells of glue, which are not pleasant. So, you make a good wash before you start to use it.

Just the usual, wash with SOAP and water, is not enough. Even after washed, the smell can continue. Therefore, separate a surefire tip that will take that smell of new thermos.

For starters, part 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1/1.5 liters of filtered water.

Boil water in a kettle and place the baking soda. At this time the boil will download, wait up again and place the mixture in the flask. CAP the bottle and leave it resting for about 10 hours.

Discard the liquid, wash the bottle, and dry with a cloth.

You’ll notice that the smell is gone and your thermos is fully ready to be used.

This trick can also be used to get the smells of old bottles. For example, if you want to serve tea in the thermos that always serves coffee, obviously the smell of coffee is impregnating and wrap to the tea. So, make this mixture up to take the aforementioned smell coffee and serve your tea warm.

Never use bleach to wash the thermos because it can dry out the gasket and your coffee to cool more quickly. Also, do not use brushes for bottles, as the brushes used to wash baby bottles, as they may scratch and break the glass ampoule inside the bottle.

With these tips, your thermos will be new for much longer.

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