Is Gold a Good Investment?

Should I Sell My Gold? What Income Counts For A Divorce? What Is To Be Feared In Securities Accounts In Switzerland?

Gold Bull Market: Should I Sell My Jewelry Now?

Question: Many Of My Acquaintances Buy Gold As Wild, Even Though The Price Is So High. I Think Rather The Opposite: It Is Worth Maybe Right Now To Sell Gold-For Example All That Jewellery Pieces, I’m Going Anyway Never Wear?

Helma sick: I do not consider the safe investment that will see many in this commodity gold, reported by HEALTHVV. It is always an object of speculation and especially a crisis line for many who are panicked during the financial crisis. This has driven the price then Yes so enormously in the height.If you’re not afraid “bad times”, it is certainly very reasonable to use the high price of gold, which apparently lie to you only in the drawer to the sale of jewellery.

Participation In Ship Ownership: Is My Money At Risk?

Question: Some Time Ago I Made Well With My Participation In Ship Ownership. Now Stands In The Newspapers, That Even Large Shipping Companies Are Close To Bankruptcy And That Money Spent Is Lost. What Do You Mean, What Am I Supposed To Do?

Helma Sick: No question: reputable ship investments are worthwhile investments for many years. Finally, over 90 percent of world trade are handled through ships. But the economic crisis of course affects the utilization of vessels – and thus also to return chances or risks that brings any business involvement with it. Through your investment, practically together with others to finance one or more ships. But Not all ship holdings are equally torn. The crisis hits more than tankers and bulk carriers container ships, for example. And investments in a pool of different ships are usually less strong under pressure as investment in individual vessels.

My opinion: just no panic reaction. The markets will recover again. As the independent analysis agency fund media reports, 93 percent of all ship funds are, after all, in the plus. If you have scheduled a longer investment time so, you simply wait.

Keep: One Of The Current Income?

Question: Due To My Three Children, I (52) Was Never Employed. Two Years Ago My Husband In Agreement With Me, Decided His Work As Associate Physician In The Hospital To Give Up And Settle Down As A Cardiologist. A Favorable Practice Found Himself But Only-After 28 Years Of Marriage When We Split… Now Runs Divorce, And My Husband Wants To Pay Alimony Only According To His Previous Earnings. I Mean, I Would Have To Participate In Its Much Higher Income From The Doctor’s Office. Who Is Right?

Helma Sick: You are right! Because the practice Foundation was earlier planned (and would have taken place even without separation), you could expect quite a higher income as a married couple for the future. Which in turn usually causes that the standard of living changes accordingly. For example, assume that your husband has as a physician at the clinic about net earned 4000 euro and pays 600 euro per month for your son, who is still studying. Then, you were entitled to about 1500 euros now maintenance. It comes as an independent cardiologist on a monthly net income of 6000 euro, of which monthly go 700 euro to your son and about 2380 euros to you. Anders would be if your husband would come only after the separation-or even after divorce-the idea to settle. Then, one would speak of a so-called career jump from which you would not benefit as divorced wife.

Swiss Custodian: I Should Be Worried?

Question: My Friend Has A Securities Account In Respect Ofswitzerland. But I Don’t Know Whether It’s Official Or Not. Now, I’m Very Much In Concern, Because You Yes Constantly Hear From Cds With The Names Of Tax Evaders, Heavy Fines Or Prison. What To Fear Because In The Worst Case At All?

Helma Sick: If you have a deposit in Switzerland, is not automatically a tax cheat. All citizens can invest money abroad, wherever they want-in Switzerland as well as in Austria or Liechtenstein, Singapore, or Canada. Switzerland is popular, because this country never has made war, because it had to cope with hyperinflation, nor with currency reforms and because the Swiss francs is one of the most stable currencies in the world. That a Swiss Depot to the tax fraud can be abused, can not be fight. But if your friend gives his all foreign income in your tax return, everything is alright.

Helma Sick runs her company “women&money” together with Renate Fritz in Munich. For more tips on their website.

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