Learn How to Save and Reels with These 6 Tips

Reels and reels are accessories that help in fishing, ensuring the best results – and best fish. As some of these pieces are true investment is need to think of ways to keep them preserved and durable as much as possible. To achieve this result, check out the six main care and learn how to save these items.

Do cleaning regularly

After a fishing trip, especially the beach fishing, it is common reels and reels get dirty, as with residues of the bait, salt and sand. This accumulation of dirt in the long term can lead to material fatigue, which can lead to fracture.

To avoid this, each cycle of fisheries make a correct and thorough cleansing in these accessories. Enclose a maximum number of three to five fisheries before cleaning, which must be made, usually with kerosene.

Dry all the parts

It is also important that after cleaning all parts are dried properly, otherwise you can end up with rusted parts or components that might end completely unusable. For cleaning bring positive results, therefore, is necessary for efficient drying occurs.

Be sure to lubricate

Only cleaning, however, will not be enough to save your reels and reels. So, time to clean also remember to lubricate each piece. The grease is more suitable for gears, while the oil is indicated for bearings.

The better the lubricant chosen, better will be the performance of the spool or reel and also the more your duration.

Use the right products

It’s not because the lubrication is needed you can use any product, such as petroleum jelly or grease to harden over time. The ideal is to always bet on products well emollients, namely well fluids and operating in the correct temperatures, because the rolling friction and raises the local temperature.

Save correctly

As well as the sticks must be transported preferentially in tubes, the ideal is that you use soft pads, absorbent and quick drying for transport reels and reels. In addition to avoid these items stay in contact with the water from the fishery, and which can oxidize the bearings, you also protects the falls and impacts.

Pieces made with large amounts of carbon, for example, are more fragile and can break with a stronger impact. Similarly, the aluminum tends to suffer a deformation more easily and so care must be taken during transport.

Be careful when disassembling

Clean and complete lubrication is necessary to disassemble the reels and reels piece by piece. If this process is not done carefully, it’s time to reassemble you can mess up the position or the order, which will lead to possible deadlocks and even breaks. So, be careful when dismantling and make the process so you know exactly which piece goes first and what is the correct position.

To conserve reels and reels the most important issues are the cleaning, transportation and lubrication, ensuring that your items will last much longer. Do you have any tips to conserve these accessories? Comment!

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