Let’s Talk about Pleated Skirts?

Styling Ideas By Lila Vasconcelos

Very ladylike and impossible to ignore, by virtue of being a it of the moment, the pleated skirts can be a rather intimidating piece. If, on the one hand, there are those who are afraid to use them for fear of a very formal and outdated appearance; on the other, there are those who fear being visually disadvantaged if they use them. But, with a little know-how, these pieces can be dressed in a straightforward and flattering way.

Before we continue, let us clarify a very common question. Pleat is not synonymous with pleating. Pleated is nothing more than the form of a fabric that already has folds, recalling accordion effect of paper fans. In folded clothing folds only remain where the fabric is sewn for it.

Going back to today’s subject, pleated skirts are much more versatile than they look and can look good on a variety of body types. How?

In order not to have unnecessary volume on the hip, the secret is the choice of fabric, which must be fluid and flowing, and the art of knowing how to dress. To shine, you must show the waistband of the skirt (put the blouse inside the skirt).

If you are short or a little more, pay special attention to the choice of footwear, since it is essential that you have high heels, to lengthen the figure.

Avoid skirts with large prints, vibrant colors, or shine if you do not want to draw attention to the hip area.

Do you think this feminine piece is too much? Add a leather jacket and boots. A denim jacket also creates a deconstructing effect of the delicacy inherent in this item.

A wrap-around blazer looks fabulous with this garment, valuing the silhouette.

Finally, I suggest you bet on Parisian elegance, coordinating its skirt with a striped top, a ballet flats and a red beret.

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