Lingerie No Look: It’s Trend!

Have you heard about the newest trend among the biggest fashionistas? The idea is simple and supersexy: to rock, simply add a piece of lingerie in the look – be it visual for the ballad or encounter. This novelty is dominating magazines and portals specializing in fashion, and the best: it is not difficult to join.

Big fans of this trend, the sisters of the Kardashian clan and Jenner, do not give up the lingerie pieces in the look. Another bold one is the singer Rihanna – she loves lace  and slip dresses. If you are curious to know all the details of this fashion, see the tips of Le Lingerie  to hit the visual.

8 Lingerie Options In The Look


The body is one of the most versatile and easy to include in the looks. The fashionistas’ favorite models are lace and transparent versions. Worth investing in a neckline as long as it is not overdone. Ah! One detail that makes all the difference: openings in the back. They are beautiful!

A good suggestion to balance the look is to invest in more closed parts. Flare trousers – whether in jeans or tailoring – blazers, midi – tight or loose – fitting skirts – leave the final result delicate and slightly sensual. Also remember to bet on the accessories. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are extra touches of glamor.


The cropped top  is one of the models most chosen by women. Lush and lightly romantic, they ensure all the safety and style you need when wearing low-cut sweaters. However, the fashion of the moment is to wear this piece without blouses. You should choose a comfortable version to not end up scared to show more than it should.


The slip night dress, or sweater , is the most daring lingerie model, after all, everyone will suspect that you are wearing an intimate piece, suggested by constructmaterials. To make the look more elegant, bet on high heels, accessories, a blazer and a powerful make. With these tips you will be ready to amaze and overwhelm!

Fall In Love With The Lingerie Trend In The Look?

How not to get crazy about the lingerie trend in the look? If you are excited and want to buy intimate pieces to add to your looks, go to Le Lingerie . There you will have all the help to choose suitable products and sizes. And the best: it gives to parceling in fixed 12x in the cards. Arrase, woman!

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