Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter

“Most lines wins” seems to be the new in the fashion world. Latest addition was Johan lindeberg line Johan by j. lindeberg. What else? All designers subdivisions are named after designers first name followed by a village , and then the designer’s full name. What happened to the imagination?

More often than not is underlinjerna a clear way to just exploit the mark, or make the brand more popular. Fashion for paupers in simple terms. And all that usually keeps the Bell very low level in comparison with the main line. One exception: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

His tour for the fall perhaps escaped many-it was never on the men’s section at, because the collection was baked into the women’s collection, and is therefore found only on the women’s side. And there was much to miss.

Marc Jacobs cheaper line must be among the most affordable on the market. Many of the garments is quite as those from the main collection, with a slight difference-the price tag.His budget line is about half the price in comparison with the main line.

Autumn collection follows much of what has previously been shown on the big catwalkpodierna. It’s the very shirts hanging out from a Blazer or rockärm. Much is oversized-long shirts, wide trousers and bigger bathrobes and on your feet, you’ll find the constantly recurring boots on It is narrow scarves on top of suits or scarves that looks more like cardigans with buttons and pockets, neatly wrapped around the neck. The color scheme is mostly grey, Brown, black and dark blue. On the whole, a very strong collection.
In Sweden sold Marc by Marc Jacobs at among other things Issue in Malmö and online there is in American Eluxury

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