Meet the Reel Types Available on the Market

If you like to spend your free time and leisure time fishing, probably understand a little about fishing materials. But what would you know about reels? Most people know very little and enjoy all that these tools have to offer. See in this article the main spool types found on the market and further increase your fishing!

The high-profile reels (round) and low profile (anatomical)

Let’s start by dividing the fishing reels into two groups: the high-profile and low-profile. Both types have the same components, but they bring different formats. The reel of high profile has a cylindrical aspect and is longer. Meanwhile, the low profile is flatter and has the characteristic of a doorknob.

The low profile reel is used for fishing. She offers more features, it’s lighter and practice and still guarantees greater control and accuracy – all without twisting the line. Already the reel of high profile can store more line length and has a higher tractive force; however, it offers fewer features and is heavier.

Levels of reels

We can say that the reels are divided into several levels, ranging from mild to extrapesada. Each one is used for a specific purpose, depending on the type of fish that is expected to capture or track gauge fishing line:

  • The reel light is used for small fish and track gauge fishing line less than 0.3 mm;
  • The reel average it is widely used in fisheries, and supports track gauge fishing line between 0.28 mm and 0.45 mm;
  • The reel medium-heavy it is common for several species of fish, and track gauge fishing line between 0.45 mm, and 0.55 mm;
  • The heavy spool it is ideal for fishing for large leather, like the Redtail catfish. It is used also with gauge fishing line above 0.6 mm;
  • The reel extrapesada is better suited for ocean fishing and to track gauge fishing line above 0.9 mm.

The difference between reel and reel

As you may already know, a fisherman can use either reels as reels. However, there is a big difference between these two parts. The reel is a mechanism somewhat simpler. He is the best option for the light lures pitch and against the direction of the wind. Also, do not carry the wigs. However, it generates greater friction of the line, which is easily twisted.

Already the reel is better suited for precise releases over long distances. However, it’s tricky to use-and much too heavy. The choice between reel and reel will depend a lot on the set that the instrument make the rod. The size, the model and the weight of the stick need to be compatible with the chosen mechanism for the recoil of the line. In addition, of course, there should also be according to the style of fishing that you intend to perform.

And so, understand a little better on the types of reel available on the market? What is the model that most fits your fishing style? Share your opinion and also take your questions with us on this matter.

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