Minions Children’s Party

After the release of the film “My Favorite Evil”, some characters have won an amazing success, these are the Minions, yellow characters and very friendly. And if your children also loved these little ones, you can invest in this year’s Minions children’s party decoration, which will make the joy not only of their children but also of their little friends.

Minions Kids Party Tips

As the predominant colors of the Minions are yellow and blue and the decoration of the birthday party should also follow these colors, and even if you have a daughter you can invest in the decoration with these characters, because the combination of colors can be used by both sexes.

And since all the elements must follow the colors and the theme of the party, the packages for souvenirs or for the sweets should also follow the same style. And then we are providing an image with the character, so you can print on A4 sheet and paste on a more structured paper or already print on thicker sheet.

And besides the packaging, the cake should also have the Minions, and here you can invest in cake of all formats, from the simplest, straight and low with a character drawn; even the most elaborate cakes, with the whole character.

And the sweets and salty snacks may also have printed the Minions. And in this regard is worth the creativity and invest in differentiating elements to decorate the snacks and sweets that will be served at your child’s birthday party.

And if you love putting your hands in the dough to develop all your little decorating items you can also make wall stickers with the printed characters and develop other items that help in the joking moment, like the traditional yellow helmets of the Minions.

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