Nails Decorated in Pink

Nail decorations with pink-Pink October

We’re in the middle of October, which, currently, is called “Pink October”, in favor of an action in the fight against breast cancer. In honor of this campaign, many brands of clothes, different companies, among others, are encouraging the use of pink to support the cause. Check out some tips on decorations for nails in pink and between this fight you as well:

Animal print nails

To make the nails with animal print pattern you have two options: manually or using adhesives. But before that, choose a pink nail polish to paint all nails, as a base. Once you are all set, separate a black enamel, a white and a golden, besides a brush pen type for do’s designs (in this case for anyone to do manually). Do the designs of Leopard in just a nail, the ring, for example. Finish with a top coat and spray drying.

Gradient nails

Ombré nails or gradient are pretty easy to do. For this you will need two shades of pink nail polish and a piece of sponge which will give the effect. It is ideal that the glazes are lighter and others darker. Begin applying the lighter tone directly on the nails, covering everything, all the fingers. Wait to dry a bit and apply the pink enamel stronger on sponge. Remove the excess on a piece of craft paper and give light Pat on the nails, the means to the end. Wait to dry and apply a top coat. Finish the nail art with the spray drying.

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