Nexus 7 Is Coming to Brazil

Considered the largest competitor of iPads (iPad 4 and iPad mini), the Nexus 7, the Google tablet, is expected to arrive in Brazil in the first quarter, probably between March and April.

Google has not yet set its price, but must follow the same parameters from other manufacturers who have launched their devices in the country.

Thus, the Nexus 7 should have a price between 800/900 reais.

If this value is confirmed, the Nexus 7 will enter a market range slightly above that occupied by Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7 inches, which is being sold for 630 reais, reported by

The tablet from Google, made to order by Asus, fell in the taste of the consumer for its cost/benefit.It ships for $ 199 and delivers an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, running at 1.3 GHz and a 7-inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution (1280 x 780 pixels).

Another strong point is the offer of an always upgradable Android.

If you do not want to wait you can find the Nexus 7 on Brazilian auction sites for 900 reais.

One tablet for $ 99

Even at a very good price, Google’s strategy is to offer an even cheaper device by the end of 2013, up to $ 99.

Before that, Google is expected to launch a Nexus 7 for $ 149, $ 50 more than the current tablet.

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