Plus Size Brides!

Lingerie tea has already become fashionable among women. The event is ideal for the bride to unwind before the wedding and of course, to win beautiful pieces to ravish on the honeymoon. And that goes for brides who are slightly overweight. The important thing is to wear bras, panties and sweaters that value your physical type and skin tone.FACES Brides chatted with Gabi F. Souza, fashion consultant, and Erica Minthin, personal stylist, who give lingerie plus size tips. Check it!

The Ideal Bra
Choose lingeries that offer support to the breasts. “The plus size bride needs to choose bras with wider loops that make the breasts more raised and firm,” says Gabi to dentistrymyth.
To ensure sensuality, choose bras with lace or pedlar application. “Lace on every neckline is a sure bet, because they bring elegance and charm to any woman,” says the Fashion Consultant.

The Right Panties
Forget the panties too small! The important thing is that the bride respects your body and is sensual valuing your strengths. “She has to choose models according to her physical type. Those who have a long trunk should opt for panties with higher armholes. In cases with long legs, the panties should be lower. The small ones must choose the models with larger cava”.

Sexy, non-vulgar sweater

When choosing sweaters or babydolls, bet on lace. “The ideal thing is that the shirt is in the middle of the thigh, because it is sexy in the right measure! If you want to dare, choose models with transparencies or a neckline.”

Goodbye, beige!
Wearing beige on lingerie is not at all sexy. So leave the color aside and prefer more sensual tones. “Black always slims women, both plus size and skinny. It’s sexy and it’s great on the honeymoon, “says Erica.
Also pay attention to your skin tone. Too many white brides should avoid dark colors.”Those who have very fair skin should not use darker shades so as not to overly contrast. Prefer wine or burgundy, for example. For brown or black skin, there are plenty of options. Everything will depend on the good taste of the bride!

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