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We’ve been here, the jeans that bombarão in araras and will confirm the presence in our wardrobe in 2011, but, as fashion trend is good and everyone loves-and even more in this Department, a little more information.

The Rematch is a brand that specializes in fashion Jeans femina and masculine.Also works with knitting.
where sells only wholesale to retailers. The Jeans of Revenge following the latest fashion trends and present several washes that promise to please even the most demanding consumer.

Taking advantage of that you previously were presented the jeans trend of summer, let’s, then, talk about modeling and predominant colors in summer 2011.

The Word will be subtlety and the rule is the comfort. Jeans elastic models that facilitate mobility-Hello jeggings? –will shine like surefire bets. So fashion jeanswear summer 2011 bet in spandex like tissue in mor, of denims our each day. In the colors, the jeans of course comes out ahead and mark strong presence in plays such as dresses, jumpsuits and shorts according to TOPB2BWEBSITES. Rustic cleaner model jeans, without much detail, and with volume-Hi, carrots, saruel and news? -are the most prominent.

As fashion is made of contrasts, amazingly, another novelty, to counteract all that has been said, is the return of the cargo pants-those famous for side pockets-.Skinny version! The fashion world has to make with these baphons and fabrications, huh? Otherwise, it’s not funny.

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