Sea Bass

Voracious predator that can reach up to 11kg, and measure about 100cm. Very frequent on our coasts, and frequently penetrates the estuaries; Form compact schools for re-practice. He likes low bottoms made up of lages (flat and shallow rocks in the bottom), and gravel bottoms, preferring rough waters to burst for food. It is a species resistant to high variations of salinity (heurialina) and resistant to high temperature variations (eurethmic).
There is another species of sea bass known as various or baila, this one in contrast to common sea bass, has small black spots scattered over the dorsum and flanks


Small fish and a large variety of invertebrates (shrimp, crabs, squid, etc…).


From January to March. It reaches sexual maturity in the second year for the male (23 to 30 cm), and in the third year for the females (31 to 40 cm).


You can use for your catch, sardines, crabs, octopus, squid, shrimp, shrimp, sardines, shrimp, cocoon, goose and mussel. Artificial samples of rubber, plastic or metal fish may be used to fish in this case at the troll.


Concho for bass


The techniques of fishing for sea bass are numerous, some also applicable to other fish, such as float fishing, bass fishing, surf casting, pen fishing, bulldozing and spinning. There is still something to be called “regionalism“, since almost all coastal areas have their typical form of fishing, which in principle will be valid elsewhere. Fisheries in general, and in particular sea bass, weather conditions, sea state, time of day, tidal height depending on the phases of the moon, are all important. As in everything in life and also in fishing, it is the experience and the way we are equipped to face the difficulties the main argument for success.
Minimum Size Capture: 36 cm.

Fishing With Float

Sea bass is a fish that likes hydrogen peroxide, it catches prey in the areas of surf, buoy fishing near the rocks is therefore valid and effective. Some assemblies that can be used nete type of capture.

  1. Mounting calm waters
  2. Mounting sea with waves
  3. Mounting with strong wind

Sea Bass To Spinning

Sea bass is a predator with very sharp senses, especially vision, distinguishes most of the colors and its retina is specialized in the perception of movements.The ability to detect small movements and changes in color tells you that there is a prey to attack.

The colors that best perception have are green, blue, yellow, orange, purple and white (in the catch of the day, white is the one that gives, for the most part, better results). During the night, the colors black, gold, red, gray are the colors that cause a greater contrast in the water and sensation of water movement, on clear nights the white samples are an option to consider.

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