Spring Summer Jeans

An extensive variety of jeans take care of spring/summer 2012. It is true that the pants boyfriend-world sensation in 2009 – and the skinny jeans no longer occupy the top of the list of trends, to make room for a trouser jeans, which promises to be the official modeling in summer 2012. A strong bet international runway (summer 2011), that bring us jeans at the same time sophisticated, comfortable and stripped.

As diversity takes care of the jeans the next summer, has denim styles to suit all tastes. Starting with Wide Legs or pantaloons, reference the years 70, they bring high waist and wide mouth, super comfortable and chic, she’s going to be one of the first options when the heat come back to show her face.

For more flowers and taken off, great news, those jeans comes full of novelties. Taking the streets and walkways, the jeans textured, with speckled effect (acid and cloudy wash and batik), will be highlighted. Among the proposals, highlighting the patchworks (as if they were stitched into the fabric flaps). The finishes of the jeans are a SideShow, as the rib that mimics a corduroy in own jeans, and another with marshmallow type effect (a white paste applied in jeans), he gives the denim a rubberized effect that, as the play’s being washed , will wearing out, and let that detonadinho effect in jeans, which is also one of the must-haves of the next seasons.

Firm and strong in fashion, the Military trend appears in jeans post of drained moulds, the skinny post, with side pockets and in color, the jeans that is featured this winter, will continue.

Summer without color doesn’t exist, right? So the jeans Colored will be with all and appear as a fun option and taken off to face the heat. Bet on royal blue hues, red, Orange and yellow.

Jeans hot season comes full of details and applications, especially in pockets, reaching descosturados. There is still space for the jeans imitating the leather (resin and hefty) and vintage models, antiguinhos and dirty, well, shabby and dents. Join the list of trend jeans spring/summer 2012, even the jeans with 3D effects and gradient, jeans, with thin stripes.

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