The 5 Best Watches for the Biker Season

Watches With Particularly Good Shock Protection

With motocross or downhill mountain biking, drivers and their time knives have to withstand only small, but many fast successive vibrations. This continuous load is even more stressful for a mechanical clockwork than for the human organism, because the functionality and the interaction of the moving parts suffer from vibrations. The solution to the problem lies in shock damping systems for plants and housings that go beyond the omnipresent impact protection of the balance. Also the five watches in our list have a particularly good impact protection. You can wear these models for motorcycling, because they are well equipped for a fast ride, even over uneven terrain.

Watch # 1 For The Biker Season: Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal

The new Richard Mille watch for Rafael Nadal is a timepiece that will certainly not be out ofdate with the RM 35-02: the Spanish tennis team, who has been sponsored by Richard Mille since 2010, is playing for the first time automatic model. This makes the technique more purely theoretically more susceptible. In practice, however, the luxury watch brand still achieves a special impact strength thanks to its unique design and material properties, which protect the futuristic designed timepiece even against the most severe shocks. The 44.5 by 50 millimeter housing of the Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal is made of silicon-plastic composite and houses the RMAL1 automatic manufacturing caliber.Costs: 138,000 euros.

Watch # 2 For The Biker Season: Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph

Jaeger-LeCoultre uses a separate titanium factory container for its Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph, which is bolted to the steel base of the case and the bezel; the screws are mounted in springs, which transmit the vibrations of the 46.3 millimeter stainless steel and titanium housing to the movement only to a very great extent.The factory is the in-house automatic caliber 752. The chronograph is available for 15,200 euros.

Watch # 3 For The Biker Season: Bremont MBII White

In the English sports watch brand Bremont, a colored aluminum clamping ring around the housing part takes over the function of the shock absorber. The Bremont MBII White is made of hardened stainless steel, its diameter is 43 millimeters. Inside it is the automatic Eta 2836. Cost of the clock: 3,895 euros.

Watch # 4 And # 5 For The Biker Season: Jaermann & StÜBi Transatlantic And Vidar Golf Impact

The timepieces of the golf watch brands Jaermann & Stübi as well as Vidar are also protected against shocks and vibrations. The former uses a spring suspension suspension and leaves the crown shaft free of movement, so that it can not break even in the strongest blows. The 44-millimeter stainless steel case of the Transatlantic protects the automatic caliber Soprod A10. Who wants to own this robust model has to pay 7.400 euros. The Vidar Golf Impact, on the other hand, integrates shock-absorbing silicone elements into the stainless steel housing. In addition there is a metal capsule, which prevents the rotor from breaking out and the dialing of the dial. The 44 mm timer is powered by the automatic Eta 2824. The watch costs 2.690 euros.

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