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And ‘The time when denim shirt was synonymous with country and Far West: it is now a real basic item to have in the closet because it is useful to compose many different outfits , also in the evening. Also, you can find it in stores or on the Web at very small prices . Find out how to match it, read on below.

If I think of a song to match the denim shirt, the first thing that comes to mind is “Do not tell me” by Madonna, with all those big boy cowboy dancing and she in boot-cut jeans and blouse paintings. Of denim shirt even the shadow and, in fact, is to dispel the myth that the jeans is something too rustic or country. As well as be comfortable to all, denim goes now also with tuxedo jackets or silk skirts on GETZIPCODES. But first things first.

The shirt of jeans in the office

Try to match your denim shirt with the classic pencil skirt or black with cigarette pants. Just above a blue blazer, black or white to finish the look. Important: remember to give character to an outfit are the accessories: therefore green light to pearls, boxy bags, neckline with elegant heels, ballet flats or boots.

For leisure or for a casual style

With white pants: to create very trendy outfits this season, which gives a nod to the nautical world, try to match your denim shirt with a pair of light pants. Above, put a maxi cardigans also asymmetrical plain.Leave the shirt out of his pants also will help you hide any bacon ;-).

Jeans on jeans? The answer is si.Chiaramente, to avoid looking like something out of a rodeo, avoid matching accessories country or Texan boots. Choose instead a micro belt and a matching maxi-bag units and as coats, a coat bon-ton.

With leggings or leather pantaleggins

What to put on: after considering the temperatures and the cold season progressed, so you can put pra or a nice cardigan or even a sweater with ethnic patterns. The denim shirt is also perfect even with a beautiful cape, a poncho or a stole in wool. Again, it is the perfect plain that the ikat patterns, if you want to venture a more ethno-chic look.

Important : if you have a major bust or maybe a little ‘Bacon, choose sweaters with thin yarns, not to add more volume to this part of the body. If you have a physical Pear, with little breasts, you can also dare maxi yarns that are very fashionable this season, the fishermen’s sweaters with braids or those with ruffles.

Here I have worn with a pink blush cardigan with sequins that has always seemed a bit too cloying and bon-ton. I must say that the jeans made more aggressive this head that otherwise would remain in the closet.

For the evening

Our denim shirt is also perfect for the evening: a long skirt in silk taffeta, with tulle skirt, with a high A skirt is plain that floral.

And how would you wear?

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