The Right Look: Suit for the Summer

In the summer the clothes of light tones dominate and no wonder, no one wants to be cooking within a black monolith and sultry! But when we talk about suits we have some “disclaimers”, not all environments that enable low tones, on the other hand who is not tied to these protocols and likes good tailoring can take advantage of grays, beiges and even shades of blue if you’re daring enough.

In my opinion the combination of photo is idael for this time of year, and flirt with the chance, let aside the tie and the shoe still invests in a social custom of tom of course and a shirt in a beautiful blue that gives life to the combo and have a good contrast in relation to Brown belt. The choice of shoe came out a bit of the ordinary and obvious that it would be a color similar to the belt, however the author’s look preferred to walk away and be completely comfortable with a light and comfortable suede shoes. An important detail are the sunglasses, sport in the right measure, they go down well in the urban environment, but the look doesn’t open space for the models style mask that are more suitable for use in physical activities and the like.

This is the kind of option that works great in the daytime, but can be moved at night, so if you’re thinking about giving a stretched in a bar or a Club is better reponsar some choices if you go out with something. On the other hand this exact combo works great in a casual wedding day or at a ceremony on the field.

In Short

Light wedding suits are the best option for those who do not give up the suit even in summer;

Shirts with vibrant colors can leave the more interesting;

If the belt is ideally Leather Brown in midtones or clear;

Footwear may or may not match the belt, because here the casual style speaks louder;

The tie can stay home, but do not open many shirt buttons, only the first below the collar is already good;

Daytime ceremonies that allow casual attire are the ideal time to use a combination like that.

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