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Textures For The Winter 2012

Trends for winter 2012 have already been presented in national and international shows. Many brands are launching their pré-coleções of winter, making all consumers anticipate their wishes from cold. You can’t leave it for later, it is better to ensure morning all parts hit the winter, because in the middle of the station prices tend to increase.

Some things are always in fashion, like the jeans. This winter, he makes a very strong color, the main station, bet red Burgundy. This piece promises to be one of the most coveted autumn/winter this year, it’s no wonder that many women are already running behind your. In the northern hemisphere the skinnys Burgundy are popping. This color pants can be combined with purple, mustard yellow, moss green, Navy Blue and many other colours, in addition to the snake and Leopard prints.

In addition to jeans, the winter will be large clothing, then enter the more fluid fabrics, such as silk and chiffon. Dresses and blouses gain volume, leaving the curves of the body totally free, with no markup. You can use a large clothes thus marking the only silhouette with a cintinho on

To the most noble and elegant occasions, Velvet kicks in. The tissue that until a few years ago, in “wet” version, was regarded as one of the most tacky, now is fine and exquisite. He appears in long skirts and dresses combined with heel shoes, sweaters and pants and jacket sets, that are coming back. Its main use is for the night because during the day he reflects too much and can give an exaggerated air.For daytime occasions, prefer the Velvet in version “corduroy”. He is more informal and may appear in trousers, jackets and blazers, in various colors, but always first with the classic black.

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